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More Drabbles!

Feel This
For viciouswishes
100 Words

“Let me watch you.”

“What? This?”

Fingers circling himself, tightening. Making a too-small circle with his thumb and forefinger and pushing the head of his cock through it. Pulling back the skin, bringing it forward again. Palm to mouth, not his.

“Lick me.”

Eyes rolling from the feel. Wet, warm, tongue lapping and back down. Pulling balls away from groin and stroking up his cock, wrapping his hand around it. Squeezing, releasing, sliding up. Thumb over the wet head. Sliding down. Hips moving, breath hissing through gritted teeth. A smile that meets his with equal passion, equal desire.

“Want me?”

First Time
for littlevampdoll
in high school, making discoveries
100 Words

The garage is hot, smells of motor oil, engine grease and sweat. Magazines tossed about in the dark shadows of the back. Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler. Crinkled copies, well-worn pages. Chris’s rough fingers moving under Dave’s shirt, pinching nipples. Lips on lips, barely-stubbled chins scraping as they kiss, teeth clicking, each trying to take control. Passion making sweat soaked skin shiver under illicit touches, gropes that are new. Gasping breath, moans. Palms over unbuttoned denim, pressing on cocks. A quick glance to make sure of solitude.

“Ever do this before?”

Whispered voices cutting through the unmoving, humid air.

“Never wanted to.”
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