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First three ...

Not Yours
for myrlynd
the vamp wants a new pet
100 words

Long hair tangled in his fingers. Neck bent back, throat bared. Lindsey’s skin slick with sweat, the pulse beating through him hypnotic, sensual. Sharp fangs sliding, barely cutting. Just the taste of human blood in Spike’s mouth made his cock impossibly hard. Fingers tearing through the material of Lindsey’s shirt, Spike bathed his palm in the heat rising from the body in his arms. Laughing at the fire burning in blue eyes, the anger at being touched without permission. A curious glance, a deep inhale, his nose pressed to quivering muscle confirmed what he already knew.

Lindsey was Angel’s pet.

Not Moving
for menomegirl
Angel/Riley, post 5x5
100 words
I'm not moving from this spot

“I’m not moving from this spot.”

“You don’t have to move at all.”

“Don’t get any closer.”

“Never said I wasn’t moving, Riley.”

“What are you doing?”

“Touching you.”

“Stop it.”

“I can smell her on you.”

“Stop. Don’t.”

“I can taste her on you.”

“Get away from me.”

“I can’t have her, but I can have you.”

“I don’t do that. I’m not into guys.”

“I’m not just a guy, Riley.”

“No, you’re a Vampi - - fuck.”



“Feels good.”


“Then why did you move?”

“I didn’t, I … Angel … oh god, yes … yes…”

Can't Wait
for felisblanco
100 words
sex, drugs, rock and roll

His skin tastes of cigarettes, smells of sweat. T-shirt stripped from him, leaving him bare under roving hands and twisting fingers. Weeks since they’ve spoken, months since they’ve touched. Everything that was familiar has become new, unknown until the rhythm is found again, until the moment is reached. Whiskey fog and blurred edges from pot, ears ringing from amps turned to ten. Hands shaking with tension, bodies trembling with desire, muscles taut and David can hear people talking as they walk past the closed dressing room door.

“Fucking need you, Jimmy.”

“Wait …wait …not yet…”


“Yes … yes ...”

On to the next!


**kisses you all up and down**
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