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Summertime ...

It's hot. Humid. The air is sticky and doesn't move unless it's storming like a mo-fo and yeah ... I ran away to the cracktrailer.


By Snow

AU cracktrailer RPS
David Boreanaz/Christian Kane/Alexis Denisof
Don’t own them.
Don’t know them.
Just playing in the dirt with them.
Beta by ely_jan
Inspired by entrenous88’s Boy Kissing Meme
Written for sockkpuppett

High School sucked.

Alexis wished for a stroke. For a heart attack. For an embolism. For an alien ship to swoop down and abduct him. Beam me up, Scotty. Fuck, if he could be like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz and if someone would simply splash water on him and he could melt away into the floor, nothing would make him happier at this very moment.

Yes, he was taller now. Yes, his voice was deeper. But the glasses and the shy smile remained and Alexis knew that everyone in this jerk-water town, and especially in this school, still saw him as the pale, slightly asthmatic boy. Always too well dressed to play kick ball at recess. His clothes too new, his shoes too shiny and his hair perfectly combed. He was the teacher’s pet and the principal’s example at assemblies. Constantly called on in class because everyone thought he had the right answer, which, of course, he did. Constantly picked on for eight hours a day by his fellow students because he did. Bullied and teased and pushed in the hallways. Tripped and ignored and yeah, school was hell. Even now, the beginning of his senior year. Supposed to be the time of his life, right? Memories made to last a lifetime … and all Alexis wanted to do was get the fuck out of this school and this town and never, ever look back.

And right at this very moment, after lunch when everyone was supposed to be in class, Alexis held a yellow hall pass that was crumpled. The paper damp with cold sweat in his clenched hand because he’d just walked in on Satan and his head demons smoking pot in the boy’s bathroom.

“I, uh, I - -" Alexis stuttered and began backing up toward the door behind him. Sitting on a sink, a joint hanging from his lips and smoke rising in front of his eyes, Jimmy smirked and squinted at him.

“Oh, look Jimmy. It’s A-lex-is.” Kelly’s high-pitched laughter rang out behind him and Alexis jumped. He had always hated the way Kelly said his name, drawing it out. The sound of his voice reminded Alexis of the documentary they’d watched in Social Studies last week about hyenas in Africa. He struggled to hold back a tremor. Kelly must’ve been standing behind the door when Alexis had blindly, blithely, stupidly I just wanted to go to the bathroom … walked in.

The sweet perfume of marijuana and the acrid smell of cigarette smoke and boy sweat and toilets not cleaned often enough filled Alexis’ lungs and for a moment he was sure he was going to throw up every crappy thing he’d eaten for lunch. Although tossing up the tator tot with mystery meat casserole he’d choked down two hours earlier would probably not be the best idea right now. Alexis glanced around the bathroom, looking for something, anything … someone that might save him.

Nicky lolled against the pale green tiles of the far wall, smiling vacantly. He would be no help, although he was one of the very few who’d never been outright rude to Alexis. But from the color of his eyes and the dull grin on his face, he was already stoned. Or drunk. Or both.

Vincent stood beside Jimmy, leaning into the Preacher’s son slightly. Ever since the day that Jimmy had beaten the crap out of some kid that was using Vinnie for a punching bag, Vincent had been his puppy. Following Jimmy everywhere with adoration and devotion in his clear, blue eyes after Jimmy had returned from two weeks of suspension with two black eyes and bruises on his arms and back that hadn’t come from the fight at school.

No help there.

Alexis was trapped between crazy Kelly and Orli who’d long ago fried his brain on meth and crack. His face already looking too hard and too old for his age despite his too pretty and deceivingly innocent eyes.

“I won’t tell anyone.” Alexis tried to speak in a voice that wasn’t a whimper, one that didn’t sound like he was begging. “I, really, I just need to get back to class.”

“Then why’d you come in here?” Kelly laughed beside him and that high-pitch whine felt like it was shattering Alexis’ spine. “Need to use the fa-ci-li-ties? Go on, we won’t stop you. Whip out that teeny tiny little boy dick and piss. We won’t stop you at all, will we, Orli?”

Alexis didn’t even turn at the low sound of Orli laughing near his left shoulder.

“Won’t stop you, boy. Might have to make you lick the urinal clean though. Wouldn’t want to leave a mess in here. Vinnie’s dad works too hard, you don’t want to make him have to clean up your piss, do you?”

Alexis shook his head and tried working up the nerve to move. Two steps. Two steps. A grab at the handle and he’d be out of here. Safe. Please, Sweet Baby Jesus … Amen and Praise the Lord. A drop of sweat tickled as it slid from Alexis’ perfect hairline down the back of his neck.

“No, of course not. I don’t need anything. Just let me leave. Please.” Alexis hated the way he heard his voice turn into a plea.

“D’ya hear that, Jimmy? He asked real nice. Should we let him go?” Kelly bounced in place beside him and Alexis could smell the meth on him. A sickly sweet, sweat and ammonia that coated Kelly like oil. That and the burning scent of sulphur from his well-known addiction to fire, fire crackers, lighters, mol-tov cocktails. Anything that he could light and throw. Anything that would explode and make noise and preferably make girls scream and squeal and, Alexis assumed, pull their panties down for him.

“Maybe we should make him clean the toilets first,” Orli whispered, and Alexis could feel fingers moving over his back, sliding up the material of his pressed shirt. “With his fancy clothes.”

Oh fuck … Alexis felt a dull pain of his fingernails cutting into the palms of his hands. Could this day get any better?

“What do yah think, Jimmy? Huh? What should A-lex-is do? Piss and lick or strip and clean? Or both?”

Please, God, please … Alexis prayed for the earth to crack open and swallow him up, take them all. At least then he’d have a chance to get away from these fuckers.

He knew they wouldn’t be going to heaven. According to the Father at the Church he’d gone to every Sunday since he was born, he would be in Heaven. As long as he stayed a virgin until he was married, confessed all his wicked fantasies and asked for forgiveness. Alexis refused to think about the sounds that came from the other side of the confessional when he whispered those nasty, evil thoughts of kissing girls, of touching himself at night, of soft breasts and lips on his. The brush of material on material, the shifting of shoes on the wood beneath them and every once in a while a soft, almost ethereal moan whispering from behind the screen.

The row of stalls was out of his line of sight, around a corner and Alexis heard one of them squeak open. Hoping beyond all hope that it this could be the distraction he needed to get out of this hell, to escape and he was never going to use the bathrooms at school again. He didn’t care if his bladder burst and he died a death of writhing agony. Blood poisoning would be preferable to this.

“Back off, Orli.”

Alexis looked up at the soft, low voice and found Dave there. Buttoning closed the top of his 501s and smiling at Alexis. His dark eyes were hard though and muscles bunched under his T-shirt and Alexis thought that Dave’s shoulders simply did not end. They just went on and on down to biceps that were rounded and tan, defined forearms and those long, strong fingers that seemed to throw the football every Friday night to just the right receiver and score the winning touchdown again and again.

Dave lit a cigarette, stuffing the pack into his pants pocket.

“Hey, fucker. Give me one.”

Another new voice and Chris was standing beside Dave now, rubbing at his lips with the back of his hand. Engine oil stained fingernails and uncombed, long hair. Dave pulled the red box of Marlboros back out and handed it to Chris without looking. All these years he’d watched the boys around him that he’d grown up with, he'd thought that Dave and Chris made such odd best friends. And yet, they were inseparable, had been since kindergarten.

Dave, the athlete. The only other person in town, besides Alexis, that actually had a chance at getting the fuck out and Chris … the what? The mechanic? The greaser? The punk? The underage bar hound and pussy chaser. Alexis could never figure them out.

Everyone else he got. Clear as a bell. Jimmy rebelling against his psychotic father’s iron will and drunken rages. Vincent clinging to the first person that had shown any real interest in him. Kelly and his pyromaniac insanity. Nicky escaping into drugs and alcohol, Orli bent on self destruction and taking everyone close to him along for the ride.

But Dave and Chris were different.

Chris was as trailer-park as Jimmy and Kelly and Vincent, but he didn’t carry that edge. He never picked on the smaller kids. He’d never bothered Alexis at all. In fact, Alexis was quite sure that Chris didn’t even know he existed, let alone cared whether he was worth tripping at lunch time or stealing his allowance or knocking into him in a hallway and making him drop his books and papers.

Dave, well, Dave was The Quarterback. He was the principal’s, the coach’s, the city council’s wet dream. He was The Man and he had been since he’d shot up to six foot and filled out with muscle when he was in seventh grade. His slow smile and generally amiable exterior and natural talent and ability to take a team that was going fucking nowhere and turn them into actual, honest to god, state title contenders was his ticket out of here. And it didn’t hurt at all that Dave was one of the best-looking and most self-effacing guys that ever graced the south.

But right now, Dave was lowering one of his extremely rare and dark, listen to me, you mother-fucker stares at Kelly and Orli and Alexis was watching. Cheering Dave silently.

“We was just gonna have some fun, Dave.” Alexis heard the immediate retreat and surrender in Kelly’s voice. Gone from predator to whiner in ten seconds flat. Alexis did not blame Kelly at all. It would be hard for anyone to take Dave in a fair fight, but with Chris beside him, and Chris was always beside Dave, it wouldn’t be a fair fight. Chris didn’t know the meaning of the word fair.

“You want to have some fun, go blow your brother.” Dave’s head tilted toward Nicky, who by now was lying on the floor. “Then take him to the ER, he drank an entire bottle of Mad Dog again. The boy needs his stomach pumped.”

“What?” Alexis watched, amazed at the way Kelly’s entire demeanor changed as he walked across the bathroom and knelt beside his twin. “Nicky? Nick, baby. Tell me you didn’t drink all that shit again. Baby, please, you promised.”

Kelly looked back over his shoulder. “Orli, help me with him.”

Alexis heard the sigh and the whispered motherfucker from beside him. Orli walked over to Kelly and helped him lift his brother up off the floor.

“Goddamnit, Kelly. I don’t want to spend another fucking afternoon at the ER. The nurses don’t let me watch WWF. Only stupid cartoons and those fucking soaps.” Orli griped, but didn’t stop helping Kelly carry Nick. Alexis stepped out of their way, holding the door open for them without even thinking about it.

“Take him out through the gym. No one will see you that way, Coach is … busy right now.” Dave said and Chris laughed beside him.

“Busy with the secretary. Fucking her over the principal’s desk.”

“Shut up, Kane. You’re just jealous.” Dave cuffed Chris lightly.

“Yeah,” Chris smirked and didn’t back down from Dave. He never did. Never had, at least that Alexis had ever seen or heard about. “At least I’m jealous of the woman.”

“Good one, Kane.”

Alexis let the door shut behind him, startled at the sound of Jimmy’s voice. Vincent laughed beside him and Dave just smiled.

“Laugh it up, motherfuckers. You’re all a bunch of doobage-bogarting cocksuckers.” Dave moved over to Jimmy and held out his hand. “Give me some of that, dude.”

Alexis watched as Jimmy passed off the half-smoked joint to Dave. He took a deep pull and held it in, tiny wisps of smoke curling from the edges of his nostrils until he let it out and looked over at Alexis.

“Want a hit, Alex?”

Alexis could feel Dave looking at him. Feel those deep brown eyes moving over his face and his immediate response of No, no. Thank you, but I don’t smoke simply would not come out of his mouth. The words were there. The intent was present and accounted for … but instead he felt his head nodding and his feet stepping forward. Stepping toward Dave and Chris and Satan and his underling.

“Yes. I would, thank you.”

“Cool.” David handed him the joint and Alexis held it in his fingers the way he’d seen them, the way he’d watched a thousand times at the school bus stop, in random bathrooms, on the back of the bus on band road trips. But he’d never actually held one. Never even considered it.

Dave smiled at him, “Just take a deep breath. And then hold it. Even if you feel like coughing, and you will. Hold it until your eyes water and you’re choking.”

“Yeah,” Alexis glanced over at Chris when he spoke, noticing how incredibly blue his eyes were for the first time. A beautiful, clear, surprisingly intelligent blue. “Don’t try to smoke it like a cigarette. Don’t puff it, just suck it.”

Jimmy laughed again, getting down off the sink. His arm slipping around Vincent’s narrow shoulders, his hand ruffling through the thick brown hair on the back of Vincent’s head.

“Later, Bo. Kane. Enjoy the weed.”

“Later, Jimmy.” Chris nodded and Alexis heard the bathroom door open and close behind him again.

“Smoke it or don’t, dude. Don’t just watch it burn.” Chris said, lighting another cigarette out of the pack that Dave had handed him earlier, years ago, it seemed to Alexis. He brought the joint to his lips and sucked hard. Instantly pulling it away as the acrid smoke filled his lungs and he doubled over.

Alexis felt Chris grab the joint from his fingers before he might drop it and the sudden warmth of Dave’s hand on his back. He did not exhale. He did not cough. He held it in and in and in and in, until he felt as though his lungs were going to explode and his heart would burst right out of his chest. He let it out with a loud rush of breath and a coughing fit that would’ve made his mother call 911 and send him to the hospital in an ambulance. Dimly he heard Dave and Chris laughing above him.

“You all right?” Dave asked as Alexis straightened up, clutching his abdomen and trying to smile.

“Yes. Yes. I’ll be fine,” Alexis whispered, and coughed hoarsely again.

“Right.” Alexis felt Dave patting him on his back and took a deep breath, his eyes watering. Trying to regain at least a modicum of control over the body that seemed to be punishing him for even thinking about smoking a joint, taking a toke, whatever the fuck he’d just done.

“Hey, Chris and me are ditchin’ the rest of the day. Going to my house. Smoke some more, drink some beer. Hang out. Wanna come with?”

Alexis waited for Chris to respond to Dave’s invitation. For the What the fuck are you doing? Inviting this nerd to hang out with us? Are you insane? Have you finally fucking lost it? … but it never came. He glanced up, looking through watery eyes to see Chris watching him calmly and Dave, standing beside him, his hand resting lightly on Alexis’ back, that warm smile curving his lips up at the corners and those eyes … those dark, deep eyes. Alexis felt himself falling forward into them and blinked. No. He was standing still. In the bathroom. At school. He glanced down at the floor and saw the crumpled yellow piece of paper, his hall pass lying forgotten by the door.

He should be back in Composition. He should be earning his A average and his place on the honor roll. He should not be sweating lightly, feeling the pot stir through his blood, making him light-headed. He should not be staring at Chris Kane, the biker wannabe with the beautiful blue eyes and soft, full lips and Dave Boreanaz, the fucking goddamn quarterback with shoulders that just did not end. The hand on his back was hot and huge and suddenly Alexis was wondering just exactly what Chris and Dave were doing when he walked into the bathroom.

“Yeah. Yes. I’d like that.”

“Cool. Let’s go.” Dave removed his hand and for a second Alexis wanted to ask him to put it back. It had felt so good to be touched. For just that minute. That moment.

And it felt fucking odd to be leaving school in the middle of the day, the parking lot full of cars that sparkled in the sun. The heat and humidity hitting them the instant they stepped foot outside of the building. Walking slowly to Dave’s Mustang and climbing in, Alexis looked back once at the school. He knew that the classrooms were full of bored kids, teachers droning on endlessly about subjects that no one gave a shit about and he was here, he was free. Sitting in the back seat of the car, Dave gunning the engine and peeling out of the parking lot with a squeal of tires that made Chris howl with delight and Alexis hold painfully tight to the seat in front of him.

“So much for anyone not noticing us leaving, asshole.” Chris laughed, his head back and his arm hanging out the window, his hand riding the waves of air that were created by the speed at which Dave was driving. Which was not exactly the local, legal, safe limit. Alexis released his white knuckled grip on the leather and forced himself to sit back. To try to relax.

The basement of Dave’s house was cool and dark. Set up as a rec room, complete with fake wood paneling, orange and brown shag carpet, a pool table that doubled as a ping-pong table when it was covered. Mirrors on the walls advertising beer, a huge television in the corner and a long sectional sofa.

Alexis stood, looking at the memorabilia on the wall. The pictures of so many sports teams, everyone looking faded, the equipment and uniforms out of date.

“Is this your father?” Alexis asked, stopping in front of an 8 x10 of a young man posed in a football uniform, crouched low, a ball in his arms and a snarl on his face.

“Yeah,” Dave grunted. Alexis turned to him, he watched as Dave emptied out a small baggie of green stems and leaves. He sifted through them slowly, picking out seeds and sticks.

“Dave doesn’t talk about Big Bob.” Chris came out from behind the fake bar, three long neck bottles of Bud in his hands. He gave one to Alexis then dropped down on the faux leather couch next to Dave.

“Shut up, Kane.” Dave spoke quietly, pinching some of the weed onto a paper and rolling it carefully.

Alexis watched fascinated with the quick, practiced movements that Dave’s fingers made. Pinching and rolling, a quick lick with his tongue to seal it and then a snap of his Zippo. The damp, slightly musty air in the room changed to the sweet smell of marijuana as Dave took a deep drag and handed the joint to Chris. He leaned back, stretched his long legs out under the coffee table and looked up at Alexis.

“You like your dad, Alex?” Dave asked and Alexis was caught off guard.

“I, I don’t know. I’ve never …” Alexis stopped and actually thought about his father. The town pharmacist, he was gone from before sunrise until six p.m. six days a week. He always smelled faintly of chemicals and his skin was paler, whiter than Alexis’. Alexis realized that his father never really ever talked to him, and so Alexis never talked back. He would ask about his grades every eight weeks, smile and say Good job, Son and then nothing until the next semester was up.

“No.” Alexis moved over to the love seat part of the sectional and sat on the edge. “No, I don’t think I do.”

“He treat you bad?” Dave asked, taking the joint back from Chris and pulling another hit off of it.

“No.” Alexis toyed with the label on his beer. The bottle sweating even down here, out of the mid-day heat. “He doesn’t treat me any way at all.”

Dave grunted and held the joint over to him.

“Be glad he doesn’t love you. Like mine. Fucker never leaves me alone.”

“You should both be happy you have them.” Chris muttered.

Alexis was startled, his fingers shaking for a moment as he took the marijuana from Dave. He had never heard Chris talk about his father. Never. Ever. Convicted of manslaughter when Chris was still in diapers and taken upstate to the pen. Alexis didn’t know the whole story, but all his life he’d heard the whispers about Chris’ mother and other men and the one that had stayed too long when Chris’ dad came home from third shift at the local cardboard factory.

Alexis sucked on the joint, prepared this time, he thought, for the smoke to fill his lungs. He bent down to his knees, but it really wasn’t as bad this time. Alexis heard the soft, low sound of Dave’s laugh and felt one of them attempt to take the joint from his fingers. He sat up, exhaled and smiled. A tear ran down his cheek as he shook his head.

“One more.” Alexis said, took a drag and pushed the joint back into Dave’s waiting fingers.

“Far out.” Chris emptied his beer and got up, headed for the bar to get more. He handed another bottle to Alexis.

“I’m not done with this one.” Alexis held up his first bottle and laughed out loud. The sound surprising him, how long had it been since he had laughed? It was empty and he didn’t even remember drinking it.

The Bud went down smooth and cold and Alexis leaned back into the couch. Stoned, a little drunk and completely amazed. At where he was. At who he was with. At what he was doing. He glanced over, Dave and Chris were talking in low voices that he couldn’t hear over the sound of the stereo playing Three Dog Night, so instead he looked around the room. Wondering what it had been like for Dave to grow up surrounded, smothered by Big Bob. The car salesman, the former All State Linebacker, the man who impregnated and married the town’s only state beauty queen second runner up. When his eyes found Dave and Chris again, Alexis was certain his heart stopped beating for a full minute, maybe longer.

They were kissing.

Dave’s hand on Chris’ jaw, his fingers stretched into hair that fell along Chris’ neck. Chris’ hand, palm down on Dave’s inner thigh, his thumb reaching toward Dave’s groin. The kiss was all lips and tongue and teeth. A hunger and sensuality between them, around them that Alexis felt from four feet away.

Alexis knew that no matter what might happen in his lifetime, no matter what had already happened, nothing … not one damn thing would ever take this image from his brain. Seared there like a brand, his cock instantly hard in his khakis. His thighs trembled and his hands shook. It was wrong. It went against everything, absolutely everything that Alexis had been told and taught and preached to about and it.was.beautiful.

They broke apart with a quiet sigh and a moan that Alexis couldn’t be sure hadn’t come from him. Dave looked at Alexis.

“Shotgun,” He said and smiled. “Want one?”

“Oh. No.” Alexis shook his head, the room spinning around him. “I couldn’t.”

Dave laughed and stood up. Alexis watched as he reached inside of his pants and adjusted himself.

“Sure you can.” Dave held his hand out and Alexis, once again, found his body responding when his mind was saying, screaming No, no, no, no. Alexis found it easy to turn a switch in his brain and shut off that sound. He stood up slowly and the ground seemed a long, long ways away. Dave had moved closer to him, or maybe he had taken a couple steps forward. At any rate, they were only inches apart. Alexis realized that he was actually an inch or two taller than Dave and his mind reeled. No one was taller than Dave. Or perhaps, just maybe, no one seemed taller than Dave. Except when you were standing this close to him. Two inches separating their mouths and Alexis could smell beer and pot and a dark, earthy cologne that turned his insides upside down.

Dave put the joint to his lips and Alexis saw the cherry glow bright red as he took a deep pull off of it.

“Might want to take off your glasses, Alex.” Dave whispered, holding his breath.

“What? Oh. Yes.” Alexis pulled his expensive wire framed glasses off and tossed them on the coffee table. Not even thinking about how many times his mother told him to treat those glasses as if they were his actual eyes. They cost your father two weeks pay, young man.

He straightened up and felt Dave’s hand on the side of his face. Dave’s warm palm cupping his cheek and then oh … god … Dave’s lips brushing his own. Sealing to his. Kissing him. Opening his mouth and blowing sweet smoke inside until Alexis felt as though his lungs would burst and a sudden wet sweep of tongue. Alexis almost choked on the smoke when Dave pulled away.

“Hold it, Alex.” Dave whispered and Alexis shut his mouth quickly. His lips tingling and his lower back felt tight and hot. His skin itched, as if there was not enough to cover his body and it was too stretched. Smoke curled out of his nostrils as he finally exhaled, gasping for oxygen.

“Want another?” Dave’s breath was warm on Alexis’ face and Alexis shook his head.

“Yes, please.”

Dave laughed and Alexis thought the deep, rich sound, the smile that accompanied it was the best … no, one of the best things he’d witnessed tonight. Dave held the joint up to his lips again, leaned over and set it in a crystal ashtray. Standing straight again, both hands on Alexis’ face and this time, Alexis opened his mouth first. Inhaled deeply, taking every bit of smoke that Dave was giving him. The kiss deepened and Alexis’ tongue hesitantly found Dave’s. The scrape of Dave’s teeth over his bottom lip was erotica defined and the hard press of his body, his chest, his arms, his thighs and god … god … what could only be his cock, bumping and rubbing through denim and cotton and Alexis’ hips were grinding forward. Each contact, each sensation tightened his grip on Dave’s biceps.

Smoke lifted and blew around them as Alexis exhaled almost regretfully. Wanting this to last. Wanting this kiss to never end. The heat and pull of hands on his hips and wait … Dave’s hands were on his face, on his neck and his hands were on Dave’s arms, fingers wrapping around the hard muscle … so whose hands were on his hips?

“Come on, Bo.” Alexis heard Chris’ low rasping voice near his ear, felt the heat of Chris pressing against him, shoulder to ass to thighs. “Let’s make him sing.”

Without waiting for an answer, Alexis felt Chris’ hands moving to the front of his pants. Unbuttoning and unzipping and reaching inside his Hanes whites. Fingertips brushing over the head of his cock and Alexis’s hips snapped forward. Into Dave’s body.

Alexis was trapped. Held between strength and talent and sheer will and desire. Between a body created by gods and nature and a spectacular boy trapped in the scarred, stained skin of a forever blue collar, union dues paying employee. He didn’t know why he was here, why he’d been chosen, why they were both being so very, very nice to him … and he wasn’t going to question this gift, this abduction, this moment.

“Is this okay with you?” Dave pulled away and Alexis’ lips chased his. Licking over them to find the taste of Dave there.

“Yes. God. Yes.” Alexis whispered, a shiver running through him. Chris’ hands were dipping lower, his wrist under the waist band and when his fingers wrapped around Alexis’ cock and Dave dived back in for another breathtaking kiss, Alexis felt his world come apart. Chris’ hands kept moving and Dave’s mouth slid from his lips to his jaw to his neck and Alexis could hear them kissing over him, beside him. Squeezed tighter between them as they reached to touch one another again and again.

“Let’s go to your room, D. I’m tired of standing up.” Chris whispered and Alexis felt Dave’s head nod, felt the heat of a kiss and suck as he moved back to Alexis’ lips.

“Want to, Alex?” Dave asked and Alexis looked at Dave through blurry eyes. The room soft and edgeless without his glasses. The picture helped along by the pot and the beer and the hands that never stopped moving on his body.

“I already …” Alexis whispered, a blush climbing up his cheeks. He could feel the hot wet stain on the crotch of his pants even without looking.

“S’okay,” Dave smiled and kissed him softly. “You will again.”

And Alexis did. More than once. More than twice.

When he woke up, the sky was the light purple of twilight through Dave’s bedroom window. Chris and Dave were sleeping, sprawled out on either side of him. Naked as the day they were born. Limbs crossing and soft snores rose around him. The room smelled of sex and pot, sweat and come. Alexis could still hear the stereo playing in the other room and nothing from upstairs. He couldn’t remember if Dave had said his parents were out of town at some car sales convention or if he’d simply imagined that moment.

He carefully climbed out of the bed, gathering his clothes and went to the bathroom that was just off the hallway of Dave’s bedroom door. If not for the blossoming bruises on his hips and arms, the trail of reddening, hard kisses that lined his neck and chest, Alexis would be sure that he had imagined this entire afternoon. That someone had slipped him a drug in his pint of milk at lunch and he’d wake up soon, beaten and stripped on the floor of the bathroom he’d stumbled into at school. Blood on his face and ripped clothing he’d have to explain or hide from his mother when he got home.

But no … Alexis pinched himself hard on the inside of his arm. This was real. This had happened. He dressed quickly and opened the door to find Dave standing there, leaning against the paneling, his 501s pulled up but not buttoned.

“You okay, Alex?”

“Yes.” Alexis nodded. His mind filled with images of pure pornography. He could feel the heat of an instant blush color his cheeks and forehead.

Dave holding him from behind, those big, strong, arms under his, on his chest. Dave’s hard cock pressing into the small of Alexis’ back while Chris licked down his chest to his dick. Sucking him in and making him cry out with the feel of his tongue and his teeth and his callused fingers.

Chris underneath him, their cocks bumping and rubbing as David slowly, oh my god, so slowly entered him from behind. Spreading his legs with his knees, those big hands on his hips. His cock slick with lube and it hurt. It hurt, oh fuck it hurt and then it had felt so good, so very, very good.

Alexis holding Chris’ thighs back. Chris’ knees over his shoulder and he pushed into that, past that tight, tight ring of muscle. Chris’ hips bucking up, wanting him to go faster, to fuck him harder, to get all the way inside him right goddamn now. Dave was beside them, kissing Chris to shut him up, reaching between them and Alexis could feel Dave’s hand moving on Chris’ cock and the answering, unbelievable clench of Chris’ body around his own dick.

“Yes. I’m okay.”

“Gotta go home?”

Alexis nodded. Ducked his head and reached up to touch adjust his glasses even though they weren’t there. They were still out on the coffee table. Sitting alongside his sanity.

“Don’t worry about Kelly and Orli. They won’t be botherin’ you anymore.”

“Thank you.” Alexis said. He meant so much more than those simple words.

“Come back anytime, Alex. I always liked you.” Dave smiled. “You’re stronger than any of us, than all of us put together.”

On his long walk home Alexis thought about Dave’s words. Although Dave had offered him a ride, Alexis turned him down. He needed the air. He needed the time. Dave hadn’t said You’re smarter than any of us … No. He’d said stronger. And Alexis felt the heat churn through his veins, the strength of that. The truth. And the incredible way that Dave had chosen to show him. Alexis decided that the Father at the Church, perhaps … that he didn’t know everything.

And maybe the rest of the year would not be so bad after all.


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