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Hmmm, can't think of anything witty/interesting to say to anyone about anything...
Well, I did see a good movie Sat evening. The 25th Hour. I had seen it in the video store about a month ago and it looked good, but I was reluctant to rent it because Spike Lee directed it. Not that I have anything against SL, I just haven't found many of his movies that I like. But it did star Edward Norton (yum), and Anna Paquin! So I took a chance and got it. I really liked it and I'm glad I rented it. Very deep and moving and sad.
Found the movie puppet web page from links on a yahoo group. What a laugh! Spent most of yesterday evening reading the stories and giggling, I love it when people make fun of movies and I envy their humor!!

Have my 3rd candle party tonite. Hope I start making some money off of this pretty soon!

See yah,

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