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Ahhh, another day back at work. Well, it's over now, time to relax. And pay day too! That's always nice.
Hee, Hee! I've got our magazine vender started on a quest and I didn't even know it until today. It all started when I asked about getting a copy of this month's Advocate which has a fantastic bunch o' pics of Hugh, which I've seen online and an article that I haven't read yet. He told me that there was no where here in town that carries, um, alternative lifestyle type magazines. So I looked in the big town Sat night at Barnes and Noble and they didn't have it either. . .so I'm out of luck, right? Well maybe not. Apparently this guy has nothing else to do on his job, so he's now looking and snagging every magazine he sees that mentions Hugh on the cover. . .
So today he brings me Metro, another, um, alternative lifestyle mag. It doesn't have much, just a blurb and a small pic about BFO on Broadway, but I'm sure appreciating the way this guy thinks! Who knows what else he will find? He's so funny, he comes over to the bakery and tells me he 'hid' a magazine for me over on his aisle and that I should go check it out! What a scream!

M and I are supposed to go over to the grocery manager's house this evening for a 'get-together'. And while I DO really like everyone else that is showing up, I have nothing but contempt and dislike for the GM. He is such a jerk. When asked today if I was going to come by, by the Customer Service mgr. I told her that I would really feel like a hypocrite going over to someone's house that 90% of the day I would cheerfully strangle with my bare hands.
Is that wrong? I don't think so. There will be other times that everyone gets together at bars and restaurants and houses and while I don't mind if he's there, it won't be like I am his guest, you know?
That's probably one of the reasons that I have lost contact with so many of the people that I originally thought were my friends over the years, I'm just too picky. And too many times I'd much rather be writing or reading or just sitting around with my kids than out. My oldest daughter says that I am agoraphobic, or close to it. I don't think that I am THAT bad!!
Didn't go see Underworld tonight, and by the looks of the monetary situation, I don't think I'll be able to see it until next weekend. God, I hate being poor. I know that they say that money can't buy happiness, but it would sure eliminate all the worries!! Foreclosure, reposession, food, gas, electricity, insurance. . . and oh yeah, can't forget three kids in line for college. . .Argh!!

Ooohh, I am losing my relaxed frame of mind!
Time to go check for new fic and work on my own. It's so much easier to live in someone else's world.


ps. speaking of fic, I've been meaning to let everyone (?) lol, that might read this to check out Yahtzee's stories. This person is such an awesome writer! I am amazed by the insight, the dialogue, the descriptions!! Absolutely worth your time!!

You will not be sorry!
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