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Feedback. . .

Oops. I forgot to head one of my stories I posted on a workshop as having some slash allusions in it. Oops.

I got some critical fb, most very helpful, but just a tad condescending when confronted with the idea that Angel and Spike might've had sex.

I think it went something like. . . "you should use Darla instead of making up something that didn't happen".

Oh really? I would totally agree with Kita's assessment of the Vampires on her web site 'Slashing The Angel', that since when have vampires been locked into having heterosexual sex? If you were going to live forever, and so many things (i.e. sunlight, food, children, etc.) were denied you, then wouldn't you just do it all? It's not like there would be a morality clause in your undeadness!

Plus, hey, this is fan fic. Get a Grip!

I did thank them for the fb though. I love fb! I'm a fb 'ho.
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