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Wow, I'm Somebody Now. . .

Well, not really. Got my name mentioned in our store's newspaper. It circulates within our chain of stores. . .

Mystery Shopper thing. They printed my name and said that I give 'exceptional customer service and am very friendly'.

Hmmmm, that's the bad thing about these mystery shoppers. . .
I never know who is one, and who isn't.

But you know what I said when the manager told me. . . it just proves that no one can hear me back in the bakery when I'm saying stuff like

"That dumb ass mother fucker."
"Can you fucking beleive the straight jacket
escapee customers today."

etc. etc. etc.

Okay, you might have had to work in retail once or twice to get this. But it made me laugh.

Also found out that my bakery dept has the largest gross and smallest shrink of all the bakeries in our district.

So. . .show me the money!! Where is my raise??

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