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Bakery!Slash by tesla321

I come home for lunch and look what I found!!!

More Bakery!Slash!!!

The Christmas party threatened to be even more of a blow-out than the (now-legendary) Thanksgiving and Labor Day bashes.

This was strictly due to the the awesome number of re-shuffling of couples, both professional and personal. Emma cracked and began eating meat. This led to a lot of disgusting jokes about her personal life, especially when Ally went to England for some kind of internship at Harrod's, against his wishes. Suddenly, Alexis was seen at Pancake Heaven, eating bacon and eggs, with Emma.

"This is all well and good, but it's not enough," Eliza said, irritably.

Nicky rolled over in bed. "I'm not gonna break up with you just to liven up your betting book."
Eliza's dimples showed. "Well, it was only a thought."

He closed his eyes. "Look in my pants pocket, willya, hon?"

Eliza leaned out from the mattress and snagged the khakis lying on
the floor. Hauling them in with her, she lay back in bed and fished
around in his pockets, as Nick kept his eyes closed and seemed intent on getting every extra second of sleep. "Hm. Wallet, keys---you wantin' an inventory?---a--ooh." She sat straight up. "Is this what I think it is?" she screamed.

"Yeah, baby," Nicky said. "And you thought I wasn't serious about you!"

"Tickets to 'Wrestlemania,!" She screamed. "I have something for you, then," Eliza said, leaping on him.

James and Jules were still civilized, but Snow got the sad news that she'd have to choose between a decentish clerk and an excellent Doughnut Boy, because Jules decided she wanted a largish man.

"Nice Adam, actually," Jules said apologetically. She was eating a short stack. "He's just so tall and broad and sweet. And the only bi about him is---"

"No!" Snow said. "I can't lose one more fryer! I'll snap! I'll

"Which is why I'm gonna take Emma's slot in Natural Foods," Jules said. "I can't deal with the polymorphing polygamy. He really wants to
have sex with everybody. Me, you, David, Eliza, Michelle, Vinnie--"

"Well, I won't make him---wait, me? He wants to sleep with me?"

"And I can't take it, Snow, I really really can't, I want some nice big guy who won't look somewhere else, where I won't have to constantly think, does he want to do them? I mean, he hasn't, yet, but he's restless."

Then, just when the Bakery had recovered from that convulsion, Manager
David and Seth the Wine Guy came in with That Kelley, who was the chef at the boutique kitchen store. They were talking about wine-tastings
and Seth winked at Snow.

"He wouldn't have winked if it wasn't okay," James told Snow, as they
peered suspiciously over the counter. "Who is that woman? Why
has she got her hand on Dave's arm?"

"Who wouldn't?" Eliza said in an aside.

"Yeah, yeah, wrestling girl."

"We're going to do wine tasting with heavy munchies," David said, not turning around. "Kelley's gonna demonstrate natural cooking."

"I don't like the way she looks at his ass," Amber hissed.

"That's the same way you look at his ass," Snowy hissed back. "We've got to be reasonable."

"Why?" Chris said, from the doorway.

James regarded him sourly. "You're like a Greek chorus. You're always here."

"Actually," Amber said, diffidently, "a Greek chorus acts as a--"

"No!" they all said.

Chris ran one hand through his hair. "Christmas party?" he asked. "My house? We talked about this last year."

Snow gaped at him. "We always invite the managers."

"Of course," Chris said courteously.

"That means Big Dave, out there," Snow pointed.

"Oh, yeah, he is out there," Chris said. "So?"

"Dave. At. Your. House."

Chris leaned out and looked. "Same Dave? I see him out there."

"Dave's coming," Snow said.

"Good," Chris said, with what all three of them agreed was a nasty smile. "I think Davey B. can come to my house without anyone getting killed. Especially at Christmas, that's a hell of a way to celebrate the birth of our Lord." he blinked his large blue eyes at them. "Easter, that's when you have the killin's."

"He should be in a Western," Amber whispered. "He scares me."

"It's the voice," James whispered back. "Smokin' causes it."

"You smoke and you don't sound like Chris."

So it was a distinct and horrid surprise for the Penny Savers crew to see the same Kelley sitting at a table at the HurrySundown pub with Manager David and Nathan.

Snow stopped so quickly that Jess and Jules ran into her.

"It's not fair," Eliza said. "One woman with all teh pretties?"

"Teh?" Nicky said. "And my God, woman, what about me? I thought you said I was the prettiest thing in the world."

"When you're naked," Eliza said. "You want me to discuss that
further in public?"

"I don't mind," Nicky grinned.

At one end of the polished bar, Chris sat, with a shot glass. He knew his drinking Jack worried David, but he (a)liked Jack, (b) only intended to have the one and (c) enjoyed seeing his sekrit boyfriend worry. It gave the guy some expression to his face.

Nathan got up and went to the restroom, walking past Chris. Kelley
was watching Nathan's ass, and yes, the girls were right, the dude did have tight pants, and David was watching him, Chris.

Chris grinned, and David said something and got up. He leaned on the bar next to Chris, tapping his credit card.

"I think Nathan, while purty, is straight," Chris told him.

David looked down his nose at Chris. "Fine," he said. "So, are you going to just blow me in the men's room, or do I get to take you home?"

Chris snorted. "It's the sweet talk that won me over. By the way, I heard that James was getting cut loose. Don't be trying to make me jealous."

David just stared, and put his hand on Chris' arm.

Eliza darted between them. "Chris, Chris, Chris, please don't clock him in the bar, there's no money down on it." Jules was inching her way between them, too, so close that her breasts brushed David's arm.

David gave her an offended stare. "How come you aren't stopping me from clocking him ?"

"Cause you're a pussy," Largish Adam said, mildly enough. Jules'mouth dropped open, and Eliza let go of Chris.

"Fuck you," David started to indicate his dislike for that terminology, and Chris, not remembering who the hell the big fucker was reached over and got a beer mug in his hand. Somehow, by some girly mass smothering action, for Chris felt a woman grab him, he and David ended up out in the parking lot.

"My drink's in there, damn it," David complained. "Damn it, I didn't even get one sip and I've been waiting for that margarita all day."

Chris was patting his pockets to make sure he had his keys. "Jesus, you're such a girl. I got a bottle of tequila at the house. If I knew of any kind of clean supermarket, close by, I could get some limes."

David straightened his jacket. "Nah, shooters are fine. You got anything to eat? Like, food?"

Snow, Eliza, Jess, Nicky, and Seth watched them walk away from each other to their vehicles and drive away. "Well, they seem not to be so violent," Eliza said. "Maybe they won't kill each other." She dropped the mini-blind. "Why are you grinning, Seth? Do you want to make a bet?"

"I'd be stealing your money, E," he said blandly. "Stealing it."

Back soon . . .

**smooches and licks and icing and cake**
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