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Whoo-Hoo!! Finally went and saw the Pirates/Black Pearl movie last night. It was very good. A little to long in the beginning and a little to long at the end, but over all it's going to be a keeper. Johnny Depp was fantastic, I have liked him in every movie since Edward ScissorHands. He's so original. Now I have to go see Once Upon a Time in Mexico. But that will have to wait until after The Underworld on Friday!! Vampires and Werewolves, oh my!! I just hope the acting is as good as the special effects look like they will be.

Was s'posed to spend the day with my fiance, we so rarely have days off together. Planned where we were going, what we were going to do. . . we were both looking forward to it and boom, one of his idiot employees did not come into work. So he had to go in. So much for our plans. At least we did go to a movie together, that was nice.

I run the bakery dept and he runs the meat dept at the same store. It's nice that we work together, but sometimes that's the only place we get to see each other. That sucks.

The Christmas planning party Tues night went well. We came up with some great ideas, then we all got toasted.

Today I am going to spend some time writing. Back to Logan and his troubles and tonight I have my second candle party. That will be fun. I sure hope that this thing starts to make me some extra money, soon. I want to start saving for a new car, so the kids can have the one I'm driving. I want a sports car!! Vroom, Vroom!!


ps I saw were Hugh was ranked one of the sexiest men of 2003 on E!Entertainment Channel. I can't beleive that Colin Farrell was number 1. He's cute, but definetely not number 1. And the picture that they picked to post of him was a scream. Not very flattering.
Please. They must be catering to the teenagers now. Both Russell and Hugh were on there, but not near the top. Whatever.
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