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OMG! I forgot to tell all my (?) Hughaholic friends about my interesting news. . .

I was working the other day and a guy that I used to date comes in the store. I haven't talked to him for about a year, he's married now and very happy. So I am happy for him. He had asked me, but I was/am not ready for that level of committment again. Anyways, that's neither here nor there. The point is, he's got an embroidery biz and does alot of stuff for Broadway shows. So I asked if he was doing anything for BFO. . .and he is!! They are doing the jackets for the show. Apparently the director has done some plays here in KC and my old friend's wife has been in some, so they all know each other. . .and he said that they are going to NY to see the show this spring. Jealous!! He said his wife is enamored of Hugh also, and said that she gets to wear the jacket before they send it off. So she can say that she wore Hugh's BFO jacket around, before he did! How nice for her. I'll have to look around for his biz web site and post it here. I know that he will have one, he's all about talking about his biz and himself.

Just an interesting little tidbit to add to the ongoing BFO things.
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