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That Recc Meme

Okay. Only took me a couple of days, but I think I've got this done. This was extremely difficult. I wanted to cheat. Bad. I wanted to recc too many people. I wanted to recc people that had already been recced.

Thank you for including me in your list redbrickrose. ::smooches::

The Rules ~ When you are recced, you have to recc three other writers and two of their stories. Nothing can be repeated. Check with mpoetess for the complete listing.



The SugarVerse Series ~ RPS with DB/CK/JM. It's painful to read. Hurts to visualize. And tastes so good. Abbie draws us a picture of reality mixed with fantasy that at each point can make you cry, then pant. It's so well~crafted, it's hard to beleive that she doesn't know these boys personally.

That Clear Space ~ cracktrailer rps. CK again, but completely different. So rich with emotions and textures, it should be in an art gallery.


Expecting ~ Spike/Xander. mpreg. Never thought I would read one of these. Never wanted to. Only my absolute love and trust in Jess made me *click* on the first chapter. Then? I was immediately hooked. Besides the incredibly hot sex between S/X? The dialogue is spot~on and hilarious. The rest of the gang are there, and perfectly drawn and the story is actually, well, plausible. For Jossverse, at least.

The Pitch ~ RPS James Marsters/Charlie DeMars. Lyrical, perfect story about the beginning of GotR. And it's not funny at all. Just raw and real and very touching. Leaves you wanting more.


The Mirror Has Two Faces ~ Angel/Spike, Valentine's Day Fic. omg!! The hottest vamp~on~vamp Viper Sex you will ever, ever read. Jules' descriptions of the boys are so well~drawn you can feel them with your own hands.

Essay on Angel's Journey ~ Okay. I cheated with this one. It's not fic. But it is required reading. And I can't even begin to describe how complete this is, or how much more you will be in love with Angel by the time you finish it. If there is ever a handbook for Ats Fandom done up? This essay should be the prologue.


Done now.
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