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Bakery!Slash by tesla321

Thank goodness Tesla can eat, visit with relatives and write all at the same time.

::smooches her::

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day. Thanksgiving or not.

Snow was not drunk. Definitely not.

She was tired and emotional.

"Oh, Dave," she wept on her manager's shoulder. "I hate to see
you unhappy."

"Don't look at him," Nicky chortled.

"I can't help it, he's so big, and he's the boss," Snow wept.

David patted her on the back. "I'm not unhappy."

"His natural state is morose," Nicky said.

"If the NHL lock-up ends, I'll be fine," David assured him.

They were all out in the carport, smoking. Seth didn't smoke.

"What about Chris ?" Snow asked, swiping her eyes.

"He doesn't play hockey," Nicky told her.

David walked around the back of the carport and back into the
kitchen, just as Chris came out the front, to smoke. He stopped
dead at the sight of a tearful Snow, but bravely came on. "Now,
now," he said soothingly. "Thanksgiving rush is over."

"I want you to fix this," she said, waving her hands.

"Oh, your lighter's broken?" he asked, uneasily, as Nicky
abandoned him.

"Seriously," Snow said. "I hate it. I hate David looking so

Chris sighed. "Darlin', David's fine. he always looks miserable.
I have known him for a while."

Snow sniffed. "Fine. I'm gonna find him someone else."

Chris bent his head and lit a cigarette. "Do what you think

Inside, David was sitting with a plate of turkey and dressing,
placidly eating, as Amy poured some long tale into his ear. He
was keeping a wary eye on Jules and James, who were feeding each
other bits of turkey. Nicky was sitting beside him, with Eliza
on his knee.

"So isn't there anyone that floats your boat, D?" she

"E., not everyone's like you and always has to have a partner,"
David said, his mouth full.

Nicky pinched her. "Stop it. Stop betting."

Eliza's lip quivered. "You never let me make any
money." She got up and went to find Snow, in the kitchen.

"No luck," she said.

"Look at that Chris," Snow hissed.

Chris was leaning in the living room arch, moodily staring at
an oblivious David.

"Maybe something'll blow up," Eliza said hopefully.

"Not around my cakes!" Snow said.

"Is icing all you think about?"

Snow looked at Seth, uncorking another chilled bottle of
wine. "Not always."


More and more people drifted in, but Seth's still had the feeling of a favored few, because Seth didn't 'low no crap in his house. Which was why Poor Freddy was cheering himself up with a lot of Merlot, but Sarah Michelle was at her mother's; why Ally was chilling with a glass of wine, but Alexis was at home with a migraine ("He shouldn't have been giving all the customers crack," Snow said, obviously off in an alternative universe that she showed no sign of leaving.), and why the Meat Department guys were not invited, even though their suppliers' reps were.

"Because the meat guys? We hate 'em," Andy and Mark said. J. and Marc nodded wisely. Emma and Amy were eyeing them across the room, and Amy had that "one toke over the line, sweet Jesus" look in her eye.

Nicky and Seth and Eliza had cleaned most of the main course away, and the
desserts were on the kitchen table.

David was leaning on the doorjamb to the kitchen, Vinnie behind him. "Vinnie," David asked quietly, "get Seth for me, okay?"

Seth materialized at his elbow, eyebrows lifted.

"Hey, Seth," David said kindly. "Any money on who puts Chris' ass in the cake?"

Seth looked up, as if making calculations. "Money on you knocking Chris into it."

"Naah. What if Chris knocked someone----not me, now, but someone else----into
the cake? And, does anyone really have room for cake with all this alcohol?"

By way of answer, Seth stepped to his table and moved a pecan pie and a chocolate cake and put them in the refrigerator.

"Snow never has figured out who caramelized the icing on her cake table," Seth said. "Any thoughts?"

David shook his head. "No, I like the traditional use of honey rather than
Karo Syrup. And I don't really think that table is too sturdy, so you'd want to look at your smaller suspects."

They both turned to look through the kitchen window at James, smoking outside.

"How you gonna get Chris to clock James?" Seth asked.

David shrugged. "Hey, just tell me if you can get some money down, and believe me, it'll be done."

"Okay," Seth said.

Chris went out to get a pack of cigarettes from the truck. David came around
the other side. "Okay, dude, it's down," he said. "Any particular reason why you want to do this?"

"Bastard annoys me," Chris said, putting down the tailgate and sitting down.
He wanted to bite Dave, right in that sweet spot between the neck and shoulder, and knowing he couldn't do that right here and right now made him want to hit someone.

"You're---" David shook his head.

"Boy," Chris said, letting the Oklahoma roughen his voice, "I am tore up. You
gonna do somethin' 'bouddit?"

"Take your keys away from you," David said easily.

"See you try," Chris said.

David took a step, but Eliza flew out from no where, and tugged at his arm.
"Dave, Davey, David," she said breathlessly, tugging at his arm, "Alex is on the phone and he wants you and he sounds high."

David allowed himself to be towed away, grinning over his shoulder at Chris.

Chris sighed. Well, fuck, he'd just as soon hit someone.

So somehow, things deteriorated. Chris and James got into a shoving match and James ended up with carrot cake on his ass, to Snow's horror, and all the other women shrieked as it Chris had taken a meat department ax, and David shouldered his way into the kitchen and dragged Chris out of the melee and outside. As he was being manhandled, Chris noticed two things; first that David managed to cop a feel as he dragged Chris through the kitchen and outside, and secondly, that Seth gave David a thumb's up, behind the backs of
every single other co-worker.

Chris lay back against the passenger seat of the Camaro, licking icing from
his fingers. "So, your place, then?" he asked.

David sighed. "Since there's no hockey, might as well."

**snogs everyone**

I'm so full from yesterday, I don't think I'll be able to eat for another day. Heh. Well. That's probably not true.
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