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Bakery!Slash by tesla321

The best therapy around.

Seth ran out and helped a grim-faced Snow carry in cardboard
boxes of desserts. "Fucking, fucking, fucking awful day,"
she told him. "I swear, I think all the customers were on crack.
I think Alex handed it out at the door."

Seth handed her a glass of wine, and she drank it down like
it was water. His eyes widened slightly, and he came back with
a less expensive vintage. "Thanks," she said. "I was slicing
bread, and this gal leaned over the counter, and asked me
if there was any more cheese. I was slicing bread , dude."

Seth set the desserts out on his washer and dryer lids in the kitchen, and closed the door. "See, they'll be safe."

"Good, 'cause I'd snap if Chris ends up with one of my cakes on his ass one more fucking time."

"And don't you like the bread slicer?" Seth asked, pressing her gently to sit down.

Snow grinned. "Dude. I so do. Anyway, I point to the bread,
and to my tag that says 'bakery manager' and say, The cheese
is in deli. So she says, 'Oh, I want some plain cheddar
I can slice, and they don't have any. I thought you might
have some.' And i just say, 'This is bread. You can go to Dairy
and there's lots of cheese there." Snow sighed with
pleasure as Seth pulled off her shoes.

"So what happened?"

"She said,'I didn't want to walk all the way over there,' just
like the freakin' store is six miles wide. Hit me again with
the good stuff, Seth."

Seth raised his ginger eyebrows. "I don't wanna walk all the
way over there."


Nicky and Eliza were in her hot tub. "We need to get out and
get over to Seth's," Nicky said drowsily.

"My feet are killing me," Eliza said. "And Snow needs a little
down time with Seth, if you know what I mean?"

"How could I not with your hand on my dick? Besides, we delivered all of our hams today, so I'm a little tired, m'self."

"See Kelly?" Eliza asked, obediently removing her hand.

"Nah, he was down at the shippers'. Saw Jess. She really, really can't tell us apart."

Eliza leaned out of the tub for her towel. "Huh. I think it's easy. You two have completely different smiles."

Nicky gave her a tolerant look. "I heard about that bet," he
said. "I'm not letting Jess kiss me."

"You never let me make any money," Eliza said


Jules and James were kissing and pulling at each other's shirts.

Amy rapped on the car window. "Jules! For cryin' out loud, you're not in the parking lot, you're in front of Seth's house!"

The two pulled apart.

"Sorry, Amy," James said guiltily.

"Kiss my ass," Amy said, hoisting her sacks of beer and making
her way inside.


David dropped Chris off at his truck. "Shirt," David said.

"What about it?" Chris said, in a much milder tone than usual.
It was amazing what getting blown on a regular basis did for
his mood.

David looked out the window of the Camaro. "Buttoned up crooked."

"Ah shit," Chris grinned. He put both hands on his shirt, and
unbuttoned it and re-buttoned it. "Okay, dad?"

"As long as you know who's your daddy," David said, with his
rare, shit-eating grin.

Chris swallowed. "Stop that, or I'll lose my fifty bucks."

David said, "Don't come up to me and make smart-ass remarks,
though. We'd better just pretend we're pretending we're not

Chris sighed. "What scares me, O Zen master, is that actually
makes sense."

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

<3's tesla321. Perfect end to the first day of the holidayhell.

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