Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

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<~~Not Procrastinating

So, while doing nothing with an open Word program . . . flurblewig gave me an idea. Easy to do, when nothing is going on in my head.

Which I totally and completely blame on debvel. Dude. My icon is now my glorious new desktop. *flails* And it's really, really hard to not just sit here and drool. You know, he even makes the monitor taste good.

What's the best/worst pick~up line you've heard?

Come on. Play with me. Anything's got to be better than

You're hotter than squirrel shit.

Which is, apparently, the pick~up line of choice for men in Leavenworth.


Now I'm not going back to vacantly staring at the screen. Nope.

Argh! Icantturnmyheadaway!!!!
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