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Updates at . . .

rps_tagstories are here for tags #1-#17.

and here for tag #18 and so on.

ETA ~ Perhaps this tag/chapter/whatever should be titled "Tag #18 or When Dave and Chris Finally Get Jiggy With It".


Writing this has been such fun! At first I thought that we were going to do a rpg with the rps!boys, but Hello! I finally realized this is three fan!girls, writing a story, together. From three different povs. I'm just loving working with stir_of_echoes and ckanerock. It's so very challenging for me to keep up with the quality they both produce. So, if you appreciate rps? Go. Read it.

And all the reports from London? I'm dying here. Thank you so much for sharing everything with us. It's almost as good as being there. And I can't wait to hear about Kane's concert tonight.
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