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Bakery!Slash!Bakery!Slash!Bakery!Slash! Get Yours Here.

Oh, how I've missed this story . . .

*weeps with happiness*

Thank you tesla321!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Previous Parts are Here

The thing was, Chris missed the big guy. True, the run up
to the strike was interesting, and was just the kind of thing
he liked doing, but when he finally reeled home, head buzzing
with facts and figures and bad oily coffee, he realized that
he was alone.

They had agreed that management couldn't be in bed with the
union rep right now; had a real conversation about it the day
after the Labor Day picnic, after Chris had nailed Dave.
David on his hands and knees, forearms trembling, on the floor
since the bed was too small, Chris buried in him, feeling like each
separate sensation was going to make him come, any second, any second...

But he missed him. Not that Dave had been particularly
chatty, but he'd filled up the house during his short time there.
Made a pot of coffee in the early morning hours,
and wiped up the icing spattered on the kitchen
floor, as it perked. Tidily put Chris' dishes in the dishwasher
while Chris was in the shower and taken the garbage to the curb.
For such a large, and, let's face it, kind of clumsy and awkward
guy, he could move neatly and delicately when he needed. David
had opened his eyes when Chris said, "My turn," and rolled over in
bed, one hand lazily stroking himself. "Come and get it, then," David
had said.

There were two guys: the tight-assed---very funny, Chris---
Night Manager Dave, who narrowed his eyes at Chris, and was always
sneaking bites of icing, and then there was Chris' lover, David,
who straightened up the kitchen and made Chris moan, took Chris
to places he'd only fantasized about.

Chris missed them both.

The Bakery Bitches were drinking coffee and eating pancakes. "I give
up," Eliza said, pouring blueberry syrup over a stack of waffles. "I
can't tell who's zoomin' who, any more. The picnic messed up everything."

"Mnoo ook," Jules said, chewing.

Snow and Eliza looked at her, then each other. "Say what?" Snow asked.

Jules gulped, reached for her orange juice and swallowed half the
glass. "New book. Draw a line. All old combos off. New combos from
now on. Even start."

Snow smirked. "She's brilliant when she's shagged, isn't she?"

"We're all brilliant," said Eliza. "We're so brilliant that we
ran off with our guys and no one kept track of anything! We don't
know what happened to Chris and David! We don't know about anyone!"

"Nothing happened," Seth said, materializing at their table. "I
dumped 'em out, covered in icing, and they walked back and got their
cars. Both cars were gone by the time we left the park."

"Oh, hell," Eliza said, disgusted. She twirled a forkful of waffle
in a puddle of syrup for a moment, then said, her eyes on her plate,
"Then, we need to concentrate on who's going to be the first to
smash a cake in the bakery." She lifted her chin. "During sex," she

"Of course," Snow said, disgusted. "Because what else do we do in the
bakery?" Seth smiled down at her, and she blushed.

::smooches, with icing::
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