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Vampire Sex . . .

Just to cheer me up.

*pats self on head*

Vampire Sex
Angel stood up, pulling her with him. His lips not breaking contact with hers.
He wanted her in his arms.
He wanted her closer.
He wanted in her.

The heavy pew bench fell backwards. They didn’t hear it.
Angel held her face in his hands. Sucking at her tongue. Biting at her lips. Warming to her taste.

The taste of human blood.
The taste of demon blood.

It reminded him that she was a vampire.
It reminded him of William. Of Darla. Of Drusilla.
It reminded him that it had been a long time since he’d had sex with another vampire.
A long time since William’s last visit.

With humans he had to be respectful.
With humans he had to be compassionate.
With humans he had to be careful.
They break.

He finally stepped back from her.
His tongue licked a stray drop of her blood from his lips.
He watched as she carefully unhooked the chain that held the cross from her pants.
Watched as she hung it over the leg of the overturned pew.

He put his hands on her shirt. Tore it from her body.
He put his hands on her cold skin. On her breasts.
He buried his face in them. His hands squeezing. Twisting.
He filled his mouth with one and she arched her back up to him.
Her hands on his shoulders.
Small moans of pleasure pulled from her.

Angel heard growling.
Realized it was coming from him.
Angelus smiled.

He pushed her back. Up to the front of the church. Until she was caught between the communion table and his tense, hard body. He stripped her bare. Then ripped off his own clothes.
The warm light from the flames of the candles gave them both the appearance of life.
The amber color of the sun.

She knelt before him, running her hands down his chest.
Until she was eyelevel with his jutting cock.
Angel watched.
Angelus purred.

Her tongue darted out from between her pink lips.
Tasting him.
Taunting him.
He put his hands on her stiff white hair and moved her closer.
She opened and he dove in.

Her teeth scraping his sensitive skin.
Her wet mouth surrounding him.
Her tongue stroking him.

Angel’s hands started the rhythm.
Deep thrusts.
And she followed.
Her cool fingers gripping his thighs.
Kneading his flesh.

Too quickly he reached the point of no return.
It had been too long denied.
It was not nearly enough.

Angel howled when he released into her mouth.
His eyes open.

Still hungry.

She licked him clean and he pulled her up to him.
Put her onto the table.
Stood between her legs.

He licked the hollow of her throat.
Bit at her nipples. Nuzzled Angelus’ favorite spot to drink, just under the weight of a breast.
Skin that had never seen the light of day, even when she had been alive. Silk.

He moved lower.
She lay back on the table. Her hands gripping the wood. Her knuckles white.
Angel knelt. Put his hands under her legs.
Lifted her center to his mouth. Inhaling her.
Spreading her with his fingers. Tasting her.

He slid a finger into her. Then another.
Pushing them apart.
Curling them up.
His tongue flicking.
His teeth biting.

She came around his fingers. Clamping down on them.
Angel’s cock was engorged. Blood red.
His nerves were thrumming.

He stood up. Slammed himself into her.
Rocked her back with his intensity.
Angel dimly heard her scream.

She used his arms to climb up to a sitting position on the table. Held onto him.
The table creaked and groaned beneath them. He braced the front of his legs against it. His hands under her again.
Leaving a trail of dark purple bruises. Perfect fingerprints.
He lifted her.
Bringing himself completely out. Then thrusting in again.
And again.
And again.

He opened his eyes.
No longer brown.
Looked into hers.
No longer blue.

No longer human.

They kissed. Teeth against teeth.
Tasting the blood.
Tasting the sex.

She leaned her head back.
Offered her neck.
Offered her death.


Angel accepted.
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