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First Lines? or Best Lines?

So . . . I've been thinking about this meme that is making the rounds. The First Lines meme. Oh, and I've been so very tempted to play.

But it got me to pondering. *and we all know how dangerous that is* Go back to being the preverted bakery manager! I hear in the distance . . .

Well, no.

What has caught my attention is the *lines* part of First Lines. How many of you have either read or written one line in a fic that, for you, completely summed up the story? That, if someone asked to see just one line of a story, you would know exactly what line to cut out? That, if you could send just one line of a story to your writing hero(ine), the person that, if you have one, completely inspires you to write more, write better (whether they know it or not) . . . which line would you pick?


I thought so.

Here are mine. The lines that for whatever reason, when I wrote them, they made sense. They summed up the story. They made the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


He drifted through his days in a haze and the only damn time he truly felt alive was when he was being fucked over the hood of his car by the meanest kid in town. ~ Senior Year (Dave/Chris/Jimmy)

He feels Angelus’ grip, tight on his cock as he drinks the perfect ambrosia and knows there is the promise of dessert in Angelus’ fingers. ~ Caisil-Chro

He was defenseless in this passion. ~ Blood (Aus/S)

She says that I am the intense one, that I am the serious one, but she is the one that kisses me as if each time is the first, like she never has before. ~ Night and Day (Orig. Ficlet)

Hard, relentless, just this side of pain and all the way to pleasure. ~ Triple Point (Aus/F/L)

And his voice would go all Oklahoma, filled with curse words and descriptions of how he was going to fuck David up one side and down the other. ~ Best Laid Plans (DB/CK)

“We live on hope and dreams, James. We make money, selling fantasies. Do you blame me for wanting tonight to end this way?” ~ Playing Pool (DB/JM)

“Sing for me, Chris.” David whispered and rubbed the callused pad of his thumb across the end of Chris’ dick and listened to him groan. “Give me a reason to let you come.” ~ VegasPWP (DB/CK)

The pressure of fingers on his skull and the metallic taste of tears in his mouth replaced by the salt of passion and need and desire and for one second Spike didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Angel finally threw him off. ~ Orion (A/S)


If you were to pimp a story to me, something you've read, something you've written, what line would you pick? And include the link . . . because if it's *that* good? I want to read it.

Any fandom. Original fic also.

*is greedy*

::smooches to all::
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