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Warnings and Bakery!Slash

*bounces about the room*

Just a word of warning . . . I finally finished uploading the most gorgeous Angel Mood Theme. Done by bittersweet_art. *loves her like crazy*

So, I will probably be spamming. Just to see the pictures.


And new Bakery!Slash by tesla321!!

Go on. I know you've been wondering about everyone at Penny Savers . . .

Start Here

So, as the moon rose over the desolate and ravaged campground of the Penny Saver's Labor Day Picnic, it shone in various truck, camper and bedroom windows.

It shone on Larry and Greenwalt, ordering from QVC.

It shone on Mark and Andy, in their five-hundred count percale sheets, still in the honeymoon stage of bliss.

Poor Freddie didn't sleep well, in the back seat of his car after Sarah Michelle had locked him out. Sarah Michelle was on the phone to her mother.

Emma was not sleeping, as she was sitting in her living room, drunk, playing the soundtrack from "The Bodyguard," over and over despite the neighbors' complaints. She was ignoring the ping of the instant messenger function on her computer.

Nicky and Eliza were not sleeping, either. They were smiling owlishly at each other in Eliza's Jacuzzi, holding glasses of Seth's primo stuff.

"You," Nicky was saying, "Are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Eliza smiled beatifically. "Yes, I am."

James and Jules, after avoiding the attentions of Vinnie and/or Michelle all night---for as Jules said, a threesome could be fun but a foursome was a cult---were sleeping the sleep of the utterly shagged out.

Seth, the wine guy, had opened a bottle of champagne and poured it on Snow's breasts. "You're a beautiful woman," he said, between slurps.

"So are you, " Snow said, dazedly. She would not recall this until the following day, however.

Joss was sitting in a diner, weeping, with Ally and Alexis trying to make him drink coffee and sober up. "How bad could a strike be?" Alexis chirped.

Joss raised bleary eyes. "What the hell kind of accent do you have, anyway?"

Vinnie was finding his inner heterosexual with Michelle. Who was, unaccountably, murmuring Eliza's name. Vinnie was nineteen and did not care.

Tony was kicked back at a piano bar, with Clare and Amber on each side, drinking concoctions he swore were straight from Princess Diana's bartender.

Jonathan and Adam were passed out in the back of J.'s truck. "Hey, look," he told Marc. "Somebody threw away two perfectly good white guys."

"Dude," said Marc, "Do you ever get tired of that joke? And, did you bring the magic markers?"

David slept the sleep of the alpha male, sprawled out on Chris' bed.

Chris was not asleep. The persistant cheeping of his "urgent message" feature on the cell phone had got him out of bed.

The union leadership had approved the strike funding. It was Chris' to call. Some how, the joke about "being in bed with management" had never seemed less funny.

Chris shrugged. He'd get the big guy and his car out of his driveway before first light. He set the alarm on his cell phone, and set it on the bedside table.

David's eyes opened. "What?" he asked.

"My turn," Chris said.

*smooches and hugs*

Have a good evening!
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