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Bakery!Slash by tesla321

Parts 1 thru eleventy~bajillion
Just kidding. But there is a beginning to this. Go if you want to start there.

Eliza won so much money that she sent Nicky out for another keg. Seth drove back, just saying that he'd dumped the guys out far enough for them to have to walk back. Since it was obvious that the Dave and Chris show was over for the day, the rest of the PennySavers crews returned to their usual holiday pastimes of drinking, eating, smoking dope, and having sex in the back of secluded cars.

Vinnie was the stand-out in the volleyball game, which was enlived by a semi-serious slap-fight between Sarah Michelle and Amber.

Snow walked back up from the swimming pool, and saw Eliza lying supine on the picnic table, surrounded by wads of money and beer bottles. "That's it," she said to Snow. "I have no more worlds to conquer."

"You're giving up gambling?" Snow asked. "Oh, no, honey."

"What's left?" Eliza said. "My work here is done. I broke everyone on the fight." She sat up."Snow, there's nothing left."

"Sure there is," Snow said bracingly. "Will Vinnie stick with Michelle or go back to boys? Is Freddie going to dump Sarah Michelle for Amber? Will the new owners fire the managers? Will Eliza, road mama and gambling ho, become monogamous and/or go to Gamblers, Anonymous?"

Nicky came up behind them. "Or she could pull herself together and actually work the cash register at the bakery."

"Who wants to do that?" Eliza asked. She jumped off the table and into Nicky's arms. He had obviously learned to brace himself, because he just staggered slightly, letting her wrap her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. "Nicky, take me home and show me what a man and a woman are all about?"

"You're going to wash my clothes while I watch NASCAR?" he asked, delighted. "Ow. Kidding! I kid."

Snow turned away, laughing. She was only a little unnerved by seeing
Seth at her elbow. "Well, like the lady says, our work here is done," he said. "We already cleaned up the place. I say, let the drunks stay here to be arrested."

"Speaking of drunks, where's Jules?"

"Uh, I saw her, Vinnie and James go somewhere," Seth said. He put his hand on her wrist. "How about you don't text?"

Snow sighed. "You never let me have any fun. Kidding! I kid!"

Seth didn't reply, just towed her steadily to his truck.

Chris and Dave sat on the kitchen floor, in mutual avoidance, for
some time. "Well, this is stupid," Chris finally said. "Throw your shit in the washer. Or don't, and I'll give you a shirt to wear. I'm gettin' a beer and gettin' in the shower." He got up, kicked his cutoffs and boxers off and got a beer out of the refrigerator. He picked up the icing covered shirt from the table, and shoved all of his clothes into the dryer. On the way back, he stopped and stood beside Dave, still slumped against the cabinet door.

He held out his hand, and after a beat, Dave accepted it, and Chris hauled him to his feet. Dave stripped off his icing-encrusted shirt, and ducked into the laundry room. When he stepped back out, he was naked. Mutely, Chris held out a bottle of beer, and led the way
to the master bedroom.

"Shower first, then---" he pointed out the French doors, to the deck. Dave gave him a "the fuck?" look. "Hot tub," Chris said.

"Nice," Dave said. He scratched at his head. "I gotta get this shit out of my hair."

Chris turned away to turn on the shower. He hid his smirk.

The thing was, Chris was more interested in drinking than in being smooth. He didn't have the patience for it in his personal life, when he wasn't at the bargaining table. But Dave had already taken the edge off, with the blow job, so he didn't push.

"Get your fat yankee head down here so I can get this shit out," he said, when they were in the shower.

Dave bent his head and let Chris scrub at his scalp. "M' not fat," he mumbled.

"Jeeze, I said, fat head. Thick head. Watch it, you'll get soap in your eyes."

"Oh," Dave said, his eyes squeezed shut.

When he opened his eyes, Chris frowned. "Dave. Are you drunk?"

Dave lost the goofy look. "No," he snapped. For someone naked in a shower with another man, he sure could be standoffish.

"Wanna be?" Chris asked.

"Not yet," David said. He suddenly leaned one shoulder against the tiled wall and put his palms on Chris' arms. "C'mere a minute."

Chris grinned, and stepped out of the water to Dave's cool embrace. One of them broke the kiss to turn off the water, but it was definitely Dave whose hands were shaking as he uncapped the bottle of conditioner, and it was definitely Chris who was leaning his hands on the tiled wall as Dave blanketed him from the back, pulling on his cock, hard and smooth, and it was Chris who kept pushing his ass back against Dave's hard cock. It was Chris who dropped the bottle of conditioner, though, and Dave who scooped up the stuff and slicked his cock and Chris' ass. It was Dave who pushed in, better than Chris had ever had, and Dave who put one hand on Chris' and laced their fingers together.

It was Dave who made Chris' mind blank out and all the scheming and the bullshit disappear. It was Chris who was sobbing. It was Dave who kissed him back, finally, as he came, and Dave who turned the water back on.

Dave got his unstained shorts back on, and went commando, wearing a red and white western shirt of Chris' and Chris had another pair of cutoffs and no shirt and they walked back to the park to their vehicles.

No one noticed them, but they saw the lights of the picnic pavilions were still on, and there was guitar music and singing.

"Fuck," Chris said. "I was supposed to sing tonight."

Dave rattled his car keys. "Thought you did," he said.

It was Dave that followed Chris back to Chris' house.

But it was Chris who went to sleep last, thinking, Jesus, where do I go from here?" as he lay in Dave's arms.


Thanks Tesla!

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