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I know, I know. My opinion is not of the norm. But I love Mondays. Work a few years in the grocery business. You will too.

Saturdays are my Monday. Come to think of it . . . Sundays are my Mondays also. But the actual day? Monday? *hugs it tight* Sssslllllooooowwwww day at the store. Time for chatting, although, hey, with me around? There is always time for chatting. And today? I played. With dough. And although I have had many Mondays over the past year, this was a very good one.

I made
Yes. The Chiefs are playing the Rams tonight.
How'd you guess?

And I got a card from stars91!!!!
*hugs her*

And last night . . . hellsbells was asking for Angel/Spike over at sickchicks. Like now. She needed it. Bad. So everyone pitched in and gave her some.

I wrote

Spike could feel the blood pouring down the back of his head from the cut. Angelus had thrown him against the wall, harder than usual.

What the fuck had he done to piss the old man off this time?

Spike stood, eyes downcast, head bowed and turned to the side exposing his neck. Supplication. Submission. Whatever the hell it took to get the bastard off his back.

Out of the corner of his eyes Spike could see Angelus moving towards him and he tried to not flinch. What would it be this time? A searing hot brand from the fire? Whipped raw by his Sire's thick leather belt? Unconsciousness caused by being viciously beat with nothing but Angelus' huge fists?

Spike glanced up to see the larger, older vampire untying his pants, freeing his cock and stroking it. Spike bit his bottom lip hard, drawing blood to keep the smile from curving up his lips and felt his own cock harden, his breeches suddenly too tight.

Oh, God. Yes. Angelus is going to fuck me to tears.

Spike's mind raced. Trying to remember just what it was that he'd done to get into this predicament.

So he'd be sure to do it again.


Whoot! That was fun!

And just because entrenous88 asked me to, a very long time ago . . . here's a couple of pictures that a friend at work has sent me. She emails me from time to time.

And what can I say?





So was that confusing enough?

Let's see . . . Bakery.Mail.Angelus/Spike.NakedMen.


I think I covered everything for this moment.

And new Bakery!Slash!!
I'll save that for later though.

::smooches and hugs::
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