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Bakery Slash by tesla321

For the, um perhaps 10 of you that don't know . . . . Start Here

Eliza called in sick. That was freakily worrying, since she never took sick time.
She was too afraid of missing something happening to change the odds. Snow
and Jules privately thought that Eliza made too much money on her betting book
to even need the supermarket job.

"Maybe we should go check on her," Jules said. She was scrutinizing the bakery
racks with the zeal of a state food inspector.

"Why won't you look at me?" Snow asked.

Jules sighed, then pulled her collar down to exhibit a shy little----

"Hickey! You have a hickey! Oh, jumping Jesus on a pony, tell me that's
not the work of a Doughnut Boy!"

In a pleased voice, Jules said, "I can't do that, Snow."

In her agitation, Snow wrung the icing sleeve she was holding, and icing
shot out and hit Manager David in the face as he was coming in the door.

"Heyyyy," he said, pleased. "Good aim." He swiped the icing off his
chin and popped it in his mouth. "Strange metaphor, but good aim."

Jules got both hands on his arm. "You're back!" she said, idiotically.

"Had to come back. Nicky's killing me with all the golf."

"I hope that's not a metaphor," Chris said, behind him.

Snow and Jules watched the good humor leave David's face and saw it
become expressionless. Jules let go of his arm.

"Manager to six," Michelle's voice came over the loudspeaker. "Manager to

David brushed past Chris and went out.

Chris looked unfazed. "Hey, I actually need you people to pay a little attention.
Penny-Saver's is being taken over. Our contracts are different from the new
corporation's contracts. I'm putting copies of both in everyone's boxes and
there's a meeting in two weeks. We have to vote if we want to accept it or not."
He paused. "You're not doing that thing where you just nod and then you
have to call me at home to ask what I said, are you?"

"Uh, yeah, actually."

Chris went out the bakery door and around the counter. He took a number.

Snow sighed. "Saturday night, okay? We'll spread the word. At the BBQ place."

Chris gave the number back. "Okay, then. What's the gossip?"

Jules bit her lower lip and looked heavenward.

When they got off that night, Jules and Snow decided to ride by Eliza's and see
just what the fuck the girl was doing----"Or vice versa," as Jules suggested.

Snow was frowning, trying to work it out if that was grammatically correct, when
Jules squealed and grabbed her elbow. "Look, " she said, whispering dramatically,
even though they were in a car with the windows up.

Nicky's car was parked in Eliza's driveway, and all the lights were out in the

The two looked at each other.

Snow said it first. "Did anyone bet on this?"

omfg. Did you know that this was going to happen?

I'm just totally confused.

What is the company picnic going to be like?

Fist fights? Kissing booths? Betting tables?

Damn. This just gets weirder and weirder.

::smooches everyone and hands you cupcakes as you go::

And I'm not wondering at all where the Angelus/Oz goodness is or at what point it is at or what that nasty, mean, sexy Angelus might be doing with Oz. Not at all . . . glossing
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