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Inventory . . . screws me up.

Damn, I am tired. Still.

But on the upside, had the first day with our (old assistant mgr) *new* store manager. And it was loverly. The dept. head meeting was calm and fun and full of both information and laughter.

There was no Threat of Death (tm) if you spoke up and had either a complaint or a question . . . what a concept. And it was so nice to see a Manager actually working today. That man? Does not sit in his office. He is out in the store, moving displays, stocking shelves, talking and working with us.


Just like old times.

This may be an unpopular opinion and it may be just me, but something I've noticed . . . having worked retail for almost 25 years. I work better with males as my boss.


Really, though, it's true. 95% of all the men I've worked for; work harder and don't bitch. They have looked at the Big Picture, instead of focusing on the minute. They don't practice micro~management. They don't have unpredictable mood swings or exhibit psychotic behavior. They're willing to pitch in and help when I need it and back off when I don't. And they usually, (and here I *have* to say usually) talk TO me and not AT me and listen when I have a problem. I have had men above me in retail that have ::patted:: me on the shoulder and given me that 'You're just a girl' thing . . . but for the most part?

I'm *dancing* right now. And a lot of it has to do with this guy. I know and respect him. And I know he respects me in return.

Are my expectations for my dept lowered? Not one bit. If anything, I will want more, be willing to work harder, be more aggressive. Because I know that I have a store manager that will back me up. All the way. And that? Makes all the difference in the world.

::happy sigh::

And Yay!!! More Bakery!pOrn!!! by tesla321

"We played golf," Nicky said on Monday evening. "Eighteen holes. He has a backswing I'd kill----" he trailed off under the weight of the women's glares. "That's what guys do. We use sports instead of meaningful dialogue. I had lunch with him at a sports bar today. We watched soccer. He's not happy. I don't know what happened with Chris."

"I knew you'd get to the bottom of it," Michelle said adoringly. Beside Snowy,Eliza sneaked her cell phone out and began texting someone.

Nicky disengaged his hand from Michelle's to pick up his coffee cup. "Well,I said I don't know what happened. It's up to Chris. He's going to have to fix it. I don't know if he told David he couldn't sing or that he really shouldn't put so much product in his hair, but if David wasn't so manly, his lower lip would be trembling." Nicky shook his head. "Man. I spend too much time with you people."

"Go talk to Chris," Jules said.

"Are you high? I don't know Chris that well. I never worked with him. I worked with Tony."

"Stephanie says Chris seems fine," Michelle said. She ducked her head under the glares of the older women.

"Hey, new rule. No one under 100 pounds gets to talk," Jules said.

Michelle stuck out her tongue.

Eliza looked at the two of them with bright-eyed interest. Snow put her shoe on top of Eliza's, and pressed hard. Eliza elbowed her.

"You're the one who put the money on James and Jules," Snow accused. She and Eliza were smoking at the loading bay. Eliza grinned. "Why?"

"Sometimes, I like to use my powers for good, and not evil. I think they'd be a good couple. James just needs a strong woman to focus him."

"I hope he's been using condoms," Snow muttered. "What gave you the idea?"

"Because Michelle thinks she's getting this cool theatre major who'll hang out and show her neat things and go clubbing with her----and the poor schmuck's all smitten and wanting to act his age. She'll dump him. And he's scared of you----"

"Hey! I wouldn't kick him outta bed!"

"----so whipped by you and your whippy icing, that it'll be Jules. He always wants what's right in front of him. I'm amazed that he didn't make a play for David, he's so jealous of him." Eliza pitched her cigarette into the storm grate.

"What about me?" Snow asked piteously.

"You have too much sense to get involved with someone here," Eliza said. "And there's your tremendous crush on our manager."

"I do not have a crush---okay, I can't say that with a straight face."

"Anyway, I have a plan. We call Chris and tell him that Jules is planning the company picnic and is going ahead with the kissing booth sign-ups."

"Chris is screening his calls."

"He can't screen 'em to the work number." Eliza stood up. "I switched with Amber."

Snow stood up, too. "You're not going to David's house---or Chris's, are you?"

Eliza rolled her eyes. "No. I don't really want either of them to know that I heard them yelling."

Chris came up to the bakery a couple of hours later. "I should have known that you girls would handle this like a monkey tryin' to fuck a football," he said.

James glared at him. "Male, here."

"I included you," Chris said, his eyes narrowed. James stowed the doughnut trays with unnecessary noise.

Snow gave him a careful look. "Handle...which thing?"

She got an opaque look. "The picnic, of course. Who the hell started circulating the sign up sheet?"

"We didn't sign up just women! We signed up men!" Jules said.

"You signed up gay men! That's really going to help the family atmosphere!"

Jules' face puckered. "You said we couldn't be sexist or racist! Having gay men is very PC and it's protected by the union agreement!"

"In Berkeley!" It wasn't what he said---Chris could be vehement---but the unsmiling intensity was unnerving.

Out of the corner of her eye, Snow saw James watching Jules, intently. That little bitch, she thought admiringly. Eliza is frightening.

And, unfortunately, so was Chris.

"Chill the fuck out," Snow muttered. She got a glare for her troubles.

"Any way you work it, a kissing booth," (he made it sound like child pornography) "is a good way to get us a buttload of troubles."

Later, Jules would say that she was in the moment, when she burst into tears.

What no one would have expected was James picking up an empty pastry tray and clocking Chris with it. He wasn't expecting it, and he went down like a tree, right at Amber's feet.

"Holy Christ," she said. "It's true what they say about this store."

Even then, Snow had to ask, "What?" as she knelt beside Chris and gently felt for his pulse.

"Fuck," Chris mumbled, his eyes closed. "Little shit."

"You get what you want, and a little," Amber snorted.

James dropped the tray, looking appalled.

Jules sniffled. "I thought you were a lover, not a fighter," she said. She had an odd gleam in her eye.

"So did I," he said.

Snow put her hands on Chris' shoulders. "Okay. I'm calling David."

Chris opened one eye. "No." He took her fore arm and sat up. "I'm going to kill the little son of a bitch by myself." And he launched himself at James, knocking him into the cake table.

Awww. Poor David. And James!! Wow! Man of Action there! What's Chris going to do? And are Jules and James getting together? And Michelle and Nicky? And who's comforting Manager David in his time of crisis? What's going to happen at the Company Picnic? Besides lots of kissing?

*taps fingernails anxiously*

Stay tuned . . .

::warm, sleepy hugs::
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