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New Bakery pOrn

New Bakery!Slash by tesla321!!

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Are Union Rep Chris and Manager Dave ever going to kiss and make up or will they have a fist fight in the Bakery? Is Doughnut boy James going to choose Vinnie or Michelle or will they choose each other and will he finally realize that Jules is the one for him? Will Eliza ever stop fucking everything that moves and get some work done? Will stalker Marti find out where James lives? And what about Snow? Is she destined to be the lonely Cake Lady forever?

Chris suddenly realized that David was very large, and between him and the

Eliza sped out, running like a sprinter. "Abort! Abort! Let's get the hell out of
here! Meet me at Pancake Heaven!"

"No, it wasn't," Chris said calmly. He looked David straight in the eyes. He'd
been on picket lines, damn it. Got his head busted for helping organize in the
San Fernando Valley. He wasn't going to let this one big guy----who he'd just been
kissing----intimidate him, was he?

David took a step forward. Chris took a step back.

Apparently he was.


Eliza and Jules were nervously eating home fries at Pancake Heaven. "We shouldn't
have left Snow there," Jules said, flicking her cell phone screen on and off.

"She's okay," Eliza said, with a total lack of concern that was only partially explained
by the appearance of a certain bit of jail bait, with her over-aged boyfriend in tow.

"So you split the threesome up?" Jules hissed at Eliza.

James put ten dollars on the table. "You win," he sighed. Michelle poked him, hard,
in the side. "Sorry, baby." They turned and went to a booth in the corner.

Eliza looked smug.

"Jeeze, do you think of anything except money?" Jules asked. "Wait. I'm sorry I asked."

"Sometimes the two just blend together beautifully," Eliza said, trailing a fry through
a lake of ketchup.


"I knew you'd do everything to win," David said, rolling up his sleeves, "but I never thought
you'd pull something this shitty."

Chris sat down at the table. "Fine. If it makes you feel better, kick the shit out of me. I
won't even call the cops. Just don't break my fingers, because I play guitar. And it'd make
my momma cry." He pulled his cigarettes out of his shirt pocket. "Don't believe me. Don't
listen to me. But don't tell me you didn't feel some mojo there."

David stepped up to him. The big lug's groin was practically in his face.

"I'm not going to do anything," he said silkily.

Chris had a bad feeling about this.

"You are."

One of David's hands shot out and grabbed Chris by the back of the neck.


"I've got a bad feeling about this," Snow said, calling Jules on her cell phone.
"David could beat the shit outta Chris. He doesn't lose his temper but once in a
leap year, but when he does...."

"What?" Jules said. "What's he do?"

"He hurts people," Snow said.


The very wrongness of it twisted Chris' gut, but he was so turned on that he thought
he would burn up.

He would show David, he thought, and calmly unzipped David's jeans.
His mouth watered as he took the other man's dick in his hands, and felt it harden
and lengthen.

David's hand was just as hard on the back of his neck, and when Chris stole a look
up, his face was implacable and closed.

Chris had an insatiable need to taste his dick, taste all of it, and he opened his mouth
exhaling through his nose as David filled up his mouth. He latched onto David's hips
with one hand, and cupped David's balls with the other. David said nothing, but he
is quivering, almost imperceptibly, but quivering, and his hand was no longer on the
back of Chris' neck but tangling Chris' hair.

Chris sucked and slid his tongue, sucked and licked and swirled his tongue, tasting pre-come,
tasting David, and Chris was so hard that the zipper of his jeans hurt. He felt
rigid all over, not just in his dick, because he knew he was the supplicant here, he had
to show David that it's okay, that Chris just wants him, and if there
was any way he could to it with his hands and his tongue, he would.

Because Chris suddenly knew where he wanted to be and what he wanted to be doing
and who he wanted to be doing, for the first time in years.

David's weight was braced by his thighs tight against Chris, by his hands on Chris'
shoulders, but otherwise he didn't show any sign that Chris was getting to him.
Chris didn't care, even though his jaw ached and tears were pooling in the corners of
his eyes. It had been a long time, and there was no one else he'd rather do this with.

David made a sound, and that's all the warning Chris got, before he had to swallow.
He held David's hips, then when David dragged his dick out of Chris' sore mouth,
Chris rested his forehead against David's belly for a moment.

"Let go," David said, in a stifled kind of voice.

Chris sat back, dazed, still hard, and swiped at the spit that had run down his chin.

David tucked himself back in, and zipped up. He took a breath. "Get the fuck out of my store," he said, and leaned on the table.

Chris got up, stiffly, and they walked through the silent store.

In the glowing, street-lit parking lot, they saw Snowy's Camaro idling.

"She's a good friend," Chris told David. It hurt his mouth to talk.

David didn't say anything, just took his keys out, waiting.

Chris pulled open the door, and stood on the sidewalk, watching David lock
up. Then David came out of the small side door, and locked it. Chris turned
and went to his truck.

He managed to get in and drive off, even though his eyes were burning.


Snowy let her car follow David as he walked to his truck. She rolled down the
window. He looked at her, his face tight.

"David, what happened?"

His shoulders were slumped. "I lost my temper," he said, almost inaudibly.

"He's going to take vacation time," Snow said, gulping down a Coke as if the company
was going to bring out New Coke again. "He has like three months built up. He says Joss
has been telling him to take the time, so now he's doing it."

"How long?" Eliza frowned.

"A week, and if you say anything about the betting book, I will smack you down like
you wouldn't believe."

Eliza looked hurt. "I love David," she said.

"And none of that going over to his place with a six-pack," Jules said nastily.

"Yeah, like that worked. He put me in his guest room and locked his bedroom door."

The other two downed their forks and stared at her.

"It didn't have one of those doorknobs with the hole in the center?" Jules asked. "Because you can get those open."

"You can use a credit card and get the others open," Snow said absently. "I mean, gak! That was so wrong! Does he wear boxers or briefs?"

"Boxers. Green plaid. Gray plaid," Eliza said. "But I only know because when I woke up, he was folding laundry and watching golf on television." She sighed, and pulled Jules' plate of fries to her. "People kept calling the answering machine the entire morning. Women wanted him to go out and men wanted him to play hockey and shit." She ducked her head and muttered something.

"I didn't catch that," Snow said acidly.

"I said, he told me I had to try not to fuck everything that moved."

"Yeah, and you listened to that, didn't you?"

"Hey, a girl's gotta have hobbies."

Jules got back to the point. "So they just walked out, huh? Was Chris limping? Because next to David, he's not that big."

"He looked okay. No one was bleeding," Snow said. "They came out and got in their trucks, and left. David just said he was taking vacation."

"It's going to be hell," Jules sighed.

And it was.

Greenwalt came up from San Diego to run the night shift, and he was okay, except for the Elvis impressions. And that was bearable, though, because he used the Elvis Voice for the loudspeaker announcements. He had stock in the company, and he was pretty laid back. He only did fill-in assignments, he told the Deli people.

He was a Deli guy. Not one for the baked goods. And he was singularly clueless about the sexual dynamics of the PennySavers Night Shift. Half the employee vehicles
were rocking during breaks, and he never noticed.

"Not that I'm complaining," Eliza said, "but Our David would've told us to go fuck in the Wal-Mart parking lot and freak out their customers.

"Huh," Snow said, painstakingly writing in Greek on a white and blue cake. "I thought Vinnie was shy."

Eliza dimpled. "He is." She yawned. "He's also nineteen."

James came in, looking harassed. "I'm too old for this shit," he mumbled. "Where's David? I need some time off."

"Our David's on vacation," Eliza said, painstakingly pinning her "...and a little!" pin to her nametag. "Michelle too much for you?"

"Jeeze," James said. "She's got me whipped. I'm a dead man."

Snow raised her eyes from the cake. "Very funny," she said.

"Seriously. I've never known anyone like her," James said earnestly. "She has an audition for a movie, and I want to go with her----" he stared at them. "What?"

"What happened to our Doughnut Boy?" Snowy asked. "Who are you?"

"What's happened to my money?" Eliza said, furiously punching in her cell phone. "I don't think anyone bet on you and Michelle being monogamous. It messes up everything."

James shook his head, tolerantly. "God, you'd bet on your own sex life, wouldn't you?"

Eliza snorted. "Your point?"

Emma walked up to the bakery counter. "You guys haven't seen Chris any time lately, have you? He used to be back here all the time."

"You are correct," Snow said. "You'd better stand back. I'm using chemicals." She held up her icing sleeve, filled with an Day-glo orange.

Emma wrinkled her nose. "Julie called. She's got the park for the 15th, if we can have our company picnic then." She walked off, back to her organic produce.

"That's pretty short----" Jules trailed off. "Kissing booth," she breathed.

"Chris said we couldn't do that, that it was a lawsuit waiting to happen," Snow objected.

"No, Snowy. We just tell him we're going to. Or! We just talk about it. He'll hear about it. One of those cashiers will get their thongs in a twist and call him. It's perfect!" She got
a pencil and drew up a sign-up sheet. "We'll just get them going."

Chris had been out of touch because he'd thrown his cell phone on his garage floor. At the moment, he had his cordless with him on the deck, as he sat in his back yard and shot at a target with his BB pistol.

Things could have gone better, true. But he knew something had connected. David had been kissing him, before they were interrupted. And after----Chris felt himself become unfocused. David had been angry, but he'd been hurt. Chris had seen it in that shuttered face, in the flash of expression before he'd let his temper out. And when you were hurt, you wanted to hurt, right back. Chris got that. He got it at the time.

David was big and strong and calm, but he'd been hurt. A lot.

And Chris had the weirdest compulsion to comfort him.

But the bastard had turned off all his phones.

The Bakery Bitches (as their bowling shirts had proclaimed one year) were snorfing down french toast and eggs before inventory, and going through Eliza's betting book. For this, Julie from day shift was there, and even though Charisma was on maternity leave, she turned up. ("Not a fan," Jules muttered to Snow, seeing Charisma stroll in, having lost all of her baby weight and gained a tan and a huge diamond
engagement ring. "Shut up," Snow said kindly. "Julie and Eliza won't let her get a damn word in.")

Eliza took out her Palm Pilot. "Ookay. Here's the current score:

Greenwalt takes over from Joss: I've been getting 12 to 1.

"Vinnie proposes to me: even.

"James dumps Michelle: 5 to 1.

"Michelle dumps James: 3 to 1.

"Vinnie, James and I in a threesome: 10 to 1, and may I add, Fuck, no."

("She got a gambling program," Jules said to Snow.)

"Ally and Alexis break up: 6 to 2.

"Greenwalt propositions Larry in Meats: 5 to 3.

"Chris and Our David get it on: even money. There's a pool on the calendar day. Oh, and Jules and James get it on: even money."

"Eep!" Jules said. "When---what brought that on? That slut!"

Julie frowned. "I don't know if I like Chris chasing David. I don't see them together."

"Well, you dated both of 'em, Julie. You may have insight," Eliza said, with courtesy. "They both go both ways, the slut-puppies."

"Can I say something?" Charisma asked.

"No!" Julie and Eliza said together.

Julie put down her coffee cup. "Yes, but the thing is, they're both tops. It's going to be a whole dominance game and they're both going to get hurt. I want to make money as much as the rest of you, but you weren't around for the whole thing with Sarah. It wasn't pretty. She started dating Fred on
the rebound and now she married him and wishes she hadn't. Why do you think she came back to work here? She's hoping to catch his eye, but----"

"No odds," Eliza said. "I'd be happy to take some money on that, but it's ridiculous."

"Can I say something," Charisma asked, patiently.

Julie looked down her nose at her. "Just because you worked with David---"

"No. I want to say, isn't that Nicky, sitting on his car out there?"

Eliza got a beatific look on her face. "I knew that candle I lit would work."

"You aren't Catholic!"

"It was a good luck money candle!" She closed her eyes. "Who'll give me odds on Nicky----"

They all threw their napkins at her.

"Jesus," Nicky says. "A guy goes to Fresno for a little while, and all hell breaks loose down here. I miss retail."

Julie had left, and so had Charisma, after planting a lingering kiss on Nicky, who regarded her with suspicious fondness. He sat now with his arm around Eliza, who kept smooching him on the cheek.

"James always liked the kids," he said now. "And you, too, you road mama. But I don't like hearing that David's all wound up. Bad things happen."

"You'll get us all straightened out," Eliza said, in simple faith. "But David's turned off his phones and such."

"Oh, I'll go to his house," Nicky said. "But first, let me get my money down."

"Don't you bring a six pack," Snow said. "I hear that doesn't work."

Eliza kicked her under the table.

This is getting even more complicated! At least Eliza has lined out all the bets for us.


::smooches tesla321:: Thanks for the update!!

::licks stir_of_echoes:: Pet Tia for me!!

And Thanks!! ckanerock for the absolutely droolworthy pictures of Chris and David. Inspiration? Oh yeah, baby. Theirloveissoprettah!!!111!1!1
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