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Bakery!Slash Update

Taking my kids school shopping today. Give me strength. Might have to find something for myself, just to keep me going.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Missouri is state tax free on clothing, school supplies, computers and comp. software. And some counties are joining in and not charging tax.

Too bad I don't have enough for a lap top. Very tempting.

tesla321 has graciously updated the Bakery!pOrn.

Start from the beginning

"I get what I want, plus a little?" Snowy asked disbelievingly. "Are they
kidding?" One side of her mouth crooked up. "We have to give
the customers a little? Or do you have to give them a little?" She nudged
David in the side with her elbow. " It's like that toast."

"What toast?" David asked, with no enthusiasm.

"From my bottom to your top, from your bottom to my top; from my
middle to your middle. Come on, Dave, give me a little."

Behind them, James dropped three empty plastic racks.

"Very funny," David said. "Are you wearing a wire? I'm not
propositioning my bakery manager."

"I propositioned you," Snowy said hopefully.

"It's a full moon," David said gloomily.

"But it's also a holiday," Snowy said, patting his forearm. Behind him, Jules was
making hideous faces which were supposed to indicate jealousy. She actually
looked like she had indigestion. "Everyone's mad because they're pullin' doubles
or their reliefs wouldn't take over. It's gonna blow, captain!"

David straightened up so he could look down at her. "Your Scotty is not funny."

"I'm just sayin'. No customers, bored clerks, resentful clerks. Add a full moon,
a gallon or so of hormones, and we're gonna have trouble."

David looked even gloomier, and took her receipts without even asking for icing.

Snowy spoke out of the side of her mouth to Jules. "Get some money down.
Something's going to happen."

"Why are you talking like that?

"I was in the moment."

The first surprise was Eliza, seen enthusiastically riding someone's lap in
the far, far parking space against the back fence. It was under the trees, and
beside the dumpster. Parking there was a statement of intent to have a little

After Snow and James and Andy stared and stared, Jules deliberately went out
and walked almost to the corner of the lot. After a moment, when the other three
started at her sudden, frozen stance, Jules turned and raced back to them,
leaping up the concrete steps. "It's Vinnie," she gasped. "Who put five on
Vinnie bottoming for Eliza?"

The next surprise was, when James went to the cold room, David locked him
in. "I know about the kids!" he shouted through the window to him. "Think about
that and chill out!"

After five minutes, someone from the Coke distributor called David, and he left
the door clear for Snow to let James out. "I told you," she said. "I told you he
didn't want you fooling around with the kids."

"Fuck him, I'm calling Chris!"

Snow's eyes lit up and she ran to find Jules.

There were. No. Customers. In. The. Store.

Well, it had been a full moon and it was pleasant outside. Not barbecue weather,
not cake weather, nothing special going on. It was some state holiday.

Vinnie came in, hair in his eyes, his shirts pulled straight, cheeks and lips
pink, eyes shiny. Eliza, that slut, had bet on herself. She went around accepting
her payoffs like a stripper, holding out the waistband of her jeans.

Inevitiably, James took Michelle off for dinner break.

"Gee, I'd hate for him to be gone when our rep gets here," Snowy said
pensively, looking up from a bowl of whippy icing. "He wants to hear about it

Eliza stretched luxuriously. "Can't write me up for takin' his boytoy, now."

"No, while you were otherwise occupied, David locked James in the cold

Eliza sat up. "Is there money down on David lockin' Chris anywhere?"

Andy and Mark announced their plans to drive to San Francisco and get
married. That wasn't the surprise: it was the invitations. They had a supermarket
theme. "Well, sweetie, we met here," Andy explained. "And we found a case of
the Colorforms at the swap meet."

"Look at the little pink refrigerator!" Eliza cooed. She stuck it on the glass door of
the doughnut case.

"Look at Vinnie with the puppy dog eyes," Jules said sourly. She peeled a five
out of her pocket and laid it on the counter. "I ain't touchin' you. Put it in your
waistband, yourself."

Eliza caught Jules around the waist. "Oh, Joooooooooooooooools," she
crooned. "You're my favorite!"

"Well, I do get what I want, and a little," Jules said, mollified. They went
off into giggles.

Next, that weirdo Marti came in to the store, and David seemed to have great
pleasure in calling the cops on her for violating James' restraining order.

James shook his head. "I don't understand him. He's taking care of me like
this, after locking me in the cold case."

Snowy gave him an odd look. "I don't know what you're talking about," she said
coolly. "You locked yourself in the case. No one else was around."

James narrowed his eyes. "Nice try," he said, and savagely punched the fryer

"Okay, then, it'd just be too fucking bad if Marti found out where you lived."

He turned around. "Who said that?" Michelle, Sarah Michelle, Eliza, Snow, Jules, and Mercedes
all stood there, blinking at him.

Chris came into the bakery, all business. "Okay, James," he said. "Let's go
in the staff room and you tell me what's going on."

The bakery women all pretended to be very, very busy, as Chris looked around.
"I guess it's too much to hope that you've got a witness?" he asked.

James glared at them. "No," he said. "Snow let me out, but she says she didn't
see anything."

Snow looked down at the sheet cake she was icing. "No," she said levelly,
"I didn't. Personally, I think James has hyperthermia."

Chris sighed. "Come on," he said, and led the way to the break room.

Jules and Eliza started sidling after them, but Snowy physically barred the way.

The store was closing for the 8 hour holiday shut down.

James had left, shaking his head, and looking confused. The bakery girls hung
around, smoking, in the parking lot, and betting.

There were still two trucks parked in front of the closed liquor store: Dave's F-150,
and Chris's battered Dodge.

The betting was getting high.

Chris looked up as David came in the break room. "Pretty weird accusations
floating around," he said, tapping a cigarette on the pack in his hand.

David crossed his arms, waiting stolidly.

"But there's no witnesses. And, oddly enough, the guy bringing them has,
apparently, been fucking both a nineteen year old bag boy and an eighteen year old
cashier. So he doesn't need to bring this up."

"No," David said, finally, He uncrossed his arms and loosened his tie.

Chris looked at him, levelly. "But certain managers don't need to act like the sheriff,
enforcing their brand of morality." He stood up, tucking the cigarette behind his
ear, and shoving the pack in the pocket of his jacket.

David unbuttoned and rolled up his sleeves. "Thirty year old men don't need to be
fucking kids," he said. His face was a blank, but Chris saw the pulse in his throat

"Maybe you need to worry about your own sex life, before you worry about James,"
Chris said, walking right up to David. David didn't step back, or betray by the flicker
of an eyelid that Chris was invading his personal space.

"What sex life?" David said. "We're talking about the store."

"No, we're talking about someone who throws himself into managing a store instead
of having a life."

David's brows came together. "What gives you the right?"

And Chris ignored the warning voice that had been telling him to leave, and kissed

The circle of pitched cigarette butts had grown wider, when Jules decided to
go for a beer run.

Snow looked at her like she was crazy. "I'm not sitting here all night with you two
maniacs. I'm going home."

"Jeeze," Eliza said, sitting on the hood of her nasty old Toyota. "Where's your
sporting instincts? Where's your interest in the end of the movie?"

"Spoken like a woman who's gotten laid in the past twenty-four hours," Snowy

"Hey, Snow," Eliza said, pointing to the corner of her mouth. "Right on your mouth---
I think there's a little bitterness there."

Jules was reading a text message on her phone. "Ally wants us to see if David
has any hickeys."

"Hm. That's interesting. Did she put any bets down?" Eliza asked with keen
professional focus.

"No, but that reminds me. In the pool, did anyone pick today?" Snow asked.

"Yeah. Nicky called in and took the whole holiday weekend," Jules replied,
counting the change in her pockets.

"Nicky called in from freakin' Fresno?" Snow turned on Jules. "I told you not to
LJ it!"

"Hey, the world wants to know! Our manager is sex on a stick!"

"But we're not gonna make any money!"

Eliza hopped down from the car. "Snow, give me your key." The other two
turned and stared at her. She nodded. "I'm goin' in."

Inside the break room, David just stared at Chris.

"Say something," Chris said. "Or does this happen all the time in this godforsaken
bakery from hell?"

"Not so much," David said. He moistened his lower lip in an gesture that Chris
found simultaneously boylike and sexy.

Chris leaned into him. "You've got to know that the whole store watches how you
fill out your jeans." David put one hand on Chris' waist, almost by reflex. Chris'
felt a jolt go up his spine.

David blinked. "You're kidding." His eyes tracked Chris' face. "You're not kidding.
The whole---my jeans? And when did you---get so friendly?"

"I've always liked you," Chris said. "Just because you're a representative of the
management class grinding down the face of the labor force----okay, fuck it."
And he slid his hands up David's back and went in for another kiss.

This time, David wasn't as surprised and his mouth opened under Chris', and his
mouth was as hot as Chris' fantasies, his hand gripping Chris' waist, and oh,
what did we have here nudging Chris' hip? He sucked David's lower lip in his
mouth, and was ready to kill him when David stopped.

David put his hand on Chris' chest, holding him off. He turned his head.
"Someone's in the store," he said.

Chris couldn't believe it. "Those bitches! They couldn't wait to collect!"

He found himself roughly shoved aside. "You miserable fuck, you're doing this
for a bet?" David asked.

Chris suddenly realized that David was very large, and between him and the

Eliza sped out, running like a sprinter. "Abort! Abort! Let's get the hell out of
here! Meet me at Pancake Heaven!"

I think I should've started keeping track of everyone's bets. I've completely lost count and I have no idea what I've even bet on. Although it definetly had something to do with David and Chris. I'm sure.

Thanks Tesla!

We'll see what happens this weekend. Now I'm off to battle the crowds.

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