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Musings and Fic

For those following along with the torrid Bakery!Slash . . .
tesla321 has posted more here and here.
I will post everything all together again, when she has added more parts.

Right now? We're left with the image of Union Rep. Chris, leaning in and kissing Store Manager Dave.

*which, hello? Is the name of my new store manager*


Oh, yeah. Work is going to be fun again.

stir_of_echoes has posted the first part of Chapter four of the Convention!Verse RPS.

Two's Company

kita0610 had a discussion the other night about RPS. Asking people who write RPS whether or not it should be locked. Filtered. Hidden.

I would never want to create waves in this fandom. I love it and obsess about it too much. But I also enjoy sharing what I've written.

And being the unassuming, dim~bulb here . . . what is your opinion? Is the fact that we use these boy's images and real names and occupations an issue? Should it be?


I'm thinking that locking my RPS might be the way to go. Not that it's read by thousands, or hundreds, or shit, even ten, but I wouldn't want to be the one that ruins a good thing.

Also . . . I asked ponders_life a question the other night.

She doesn't read RPS, but she does read AU fics and RPGs.

I asked her "what is the difference?"

Is reading a fic where Spike is human and has a job and loves all over Xander all that different from reading about James Marsters and Nick Brendan?

She had a very well thought out answer, but I'd like to know what you think.

I love reading/writing RPS. I love reading/writing about those boys. I know that it's fiction, but is it an invasion of privacy? Is it wrong to take their images and names and whatever snippets of their lives we read and create stories around that moment? That soundbite? That picture?

Should RPS be locked away and hidden? Are we pushing the envelope? Is it creating a danger to fan fiction? Or should it be accepted as just another form of fan fiction? And what is the difference between AU and RPF or RPS?

And why is it August and I have turned off my A/C and opened the windows? Lord have mercy. It's only 73 outside right now. When it should be over 100. Um, not that I'm complaining. Not at all.

Share with me. Educate me. Convince me.

::smooches you all for your thoughts::
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