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For My Memories . . .

And while it's all still fresh in my mind ~

writercon weekend!

And before I even start, I know that I will be forgetting some names already, so no offense intended. I'm only human and a forgetful one at that!

Got to the airport at 7:30 to meet my 9:00 pm flight. Waited very impatiently.

debvel called me from the plane as they pulled up and, yes. She asked me what I was wearing! *g* So cliche, but it still makes me smile when you hear that!

We talked all the way to Las Vegas and, although I will be saying this again and again, I was so glad that she was there. I felt calmer and like I was already on vacation, with none of the stress and worry of traveling alone for the first time. And bonus! Deb is very, very nice.

We got to the LV airport and I followed her like a puppy to the baggage claim. We already knew that luvsphoenix's plane had been delayed, but not extraordinarily long, so we waited for her near her baggage pickup. Deb kept looking at all the people saying that anyone of them could be one of us! And she was so right. This lovely lady kept passing us as we camped out in a corner. When Luv finally arrived, we were introduced to moosesal! Whom I now <3 muchly. All four of us talked while waiting for Luv's luggage, which was on another flight, of course.

Then we caught a shuttle, *with the world's slowest driver* to the hotel. Still talking Slash and Angel and Buffy. *g*

Once there, we all checked in. Keep in mind that this is now 1:00 am. And there are people everywhere. We drop off our luggage, then head back down to the bar. Luv and Deb had a drink, then went back to their rooms to crash. Sal and I sat around a bit more, chatting about . . . yes! Fandom! I was still wound tight and very happy to not be on a squishy plane or bus. We wandered about the casino, checked out the impersonators.

Dude. A black Rick Springfield. The man could sing, but . . . *shrugs* However, we bonded over fits of laughter.

I found my elevator to my room. *more on this elevator situation later* and went to bed.

Friday morning! Found out there was no coffee maker in the room. Fuck. I was jonesing big time. Then found out that there is only coffee on the first floor. And we were on the 18th floor. *dies* Went down for breakfast and wound our way through the casino to the WriterCon offices to check in.

And this will not be the first time . . . those people who slaved over, worked so very, very hard for us . . . those writercon ladies?

I adore them all.

Checked in and headed to the opening ceremonies and the first panel.

Of course. First thing. I'm sitting, listening, taking notes and what happens?

My phone rings. Loudly. AC/DC. Thunderstruck.

It's my kids.


So from then on . . . before every panel.



Thanks for that, Lori.

We had some down time, Deb and I ate lunch together, then headed off to the next panel. Then I worked in the Hospitality Suite from 3 to 5. That? Very much fun! I would do that anytime. Great place to meet everyone that wandered in and out and I got to show off my food safety skills, by washing all the fruit before I cut it for the trays.

Went up to shower and rest before the cocktail party. Which we all started in Tequila Joe's. Two for one time. Where I met green, obsessedmuch and rubywisp. vic_amy_z was there also. ::hugs her:: Dude. I could listen to that accent all night and day. Everyone was so very nice and fun and, yes . . . well on our way to getting drunk off our asses. The karoke started and we all slunk out to the cocktail party. Chatted. Danced. *squeed* over and with each other. During the day I'd met ponders_life and synful_trixxie, secondverse, willa_writes, chrisleeoctaves, sangpassionne and many, many more. The name tags/badges were printed just a tad too small, so we ALL spent the weekend staring at each other's breasts. To, um, you know. Read the tags.

Sat morning . . . after the panels, debvel and I went out to the strip. Walked. Stared. Took pictures. I'd wanted to head to the Bellagio to see the Monet exhibit, but we changed our minds and just kept exploring. Went to the Venetian and found the *famous from Paris not going to try to spell the name* Wax Museum! Took pics with Buffy!!! And Tiger Woods, Shaq, Elvis, John Wayne . . . debated whether stealing the Billy Idol and Bon Jovi figures would be worth the trouble, or just rub our breasts on them there. In public.

Headed back in time to see Jane Espenson. That girl? Rocks. I was most impressed that she had done her homework. She knew who we were. She knew what we did. And she not only approved, she loves fandom, ff and us. At one point, answering a question about changing lines . . . she had said that the line was supposed to be about pineapples and was changed to mangos (or vice versa) just because what ever fruit they needed was not available at Ralph's that day. Deb leaned over and said . . .

See? Grocery stores rule the world.

Made me laugh.

Then came the erotica workshops. Hmmmm. What to say about that. It was interesting, but very opinion~orientated. They started off the panel by debating Porn Vs. Erotica. And when you have someone on the panel that cannot even say Cunt or Cock? You might want to check reality at the door. And someone that says that PWP's cannot be erotic. That PWP's are always just porn.

I take exception to that remark. I've read many, many, many PWP's that are unbelievably erotic. But, as I said before. Opinions.

I'd signed up for the BDSM workshop. It was not what I expected. And that's being generous. When you find yourself nodding off while bondage, slavery and sadism is being discussed?

Well, I left at break to change for the cracktrailer party. And that's all that I'll be saying about that.

Met up with everyone for CrackTrailer, where we sat for a bit, discussed our characters, the wonderful stories, the entire universe and how much we loved it. I took some heat.

Yes! I killed Chris!!

Then we joined up with the M/M Slashers. And isn't that just a bit redundant? We chatted and laughed and drank, drank, drank, drank. Watched some vids. Drank some more.

This is where I was confronted with the 'Sex on Wheels' problem. Dude. If I had only known how many people had not seen that vid. I *so* should've burnt it. It should've been required watching for all writercon attendees.

Got up early Sunday to head back to the Hosp. Suite so that Shaddyr could go to her panels. Finally met up with wisteria just before she was leaving.

Had lunch. Missed saying goodbye to knotted_rose. Another case of wandering about the hotel, trying to find someone.

::hugs her::

Went to the beta workshop. That? Was a blast. I missed the Gay Me Up workshop, but Deb took notes for me. *loves her* One more panel, then the closing ceremonies where, yes. I cried and clapped until my hands hurt.

Deb and I went over to the Flamingo. Ate crab legs until we were bloated, then headed back to the hosp. suite for Bad!Fic reading. I finally had a chance to meet and actually chat with Chris, the director of WriterCon, and nashvillain615 to whom I pledged my undying love and head minion abilities at the next con.

Stayed up talking until about 1. Got 2 hours of sleep. Met Willa at 3:30 am to share a cab to the airport. Made her promise to get Lindsey and Angel together soon.

Flew home.


I know I'm leaving something and someone out. And as memories surface, I will add to this.

I did feel the sting of writing RPS. Got a little tired of snide comments from panelists and wrinkled noses. But if I can convert stir_of_echoes? I hold out hope for all the rest. And I never hid from the question.

"What do you write?"

"Who do you 'ship?"

I write Angel/Anyone, cracktrailer and RPS.

I'm nothing but a David Boreanaz 'ho.

Deal with it.

Now. I've had a few more hours sleep. I'm obsessed with doing a Vegas!verse David and Chris. Cuz dude. Those elevators were so fucking slow . . . your mind just wanders. So many things could be happening there. And they are just waiting to be written.

::hugs you all::

New friends and old.

Oh. Yes. And I have completely lost my voice.

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