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I am so tired. Sleep was optional at writercon. There was just too much to do. Too much to see. To many people to meet.

Only missed one . . . *cries* theantijoss. *pouts*

To everyone I did meet and hug and smooch and gush over . . .

Thank You!!

I had the best time. Ever.

More later. Much later. After sleep.

And, if anyone missed it, August is . . . drumroll, please . . .

Shirtless Dave Month at david_b_daily!!!!

stir_of_echoes has made the inagural post. Bless her heart.

*loves her like a wild thing*

Well. A very, very tired wild thing.

::hugs to all and to all a good night::

ETA!!! tesla321 posted part three of the luscious Bakery!Slash!RPS while I was gone . . . *g*

"What's with Manager David and the icing?" James asked Snowy. "And why do we call him 'Manager David.' anyway? We're all grown here." "Some of us are, " Snowy said, mixing batter. "Because we also have Manager Julie and Joss, and all those benighted trainees. You know you're Doughnut Boy, don't you? And I'm Cake Lady?" "Doughnut boy," James muttered. "Great. Perfect. My life officially sucks."


*is dead*

Go. Love Tesla. She so deserves it.
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