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Angsty Drabble and Whining

So, thanks to tabaqui, I have become obsessed with all things Bucky. Winter Soldier. And some, of course, Sebastian Stan spillage. :)

After spending my bday weekend watching and rewatching both Winter Soldier and Civil War, I am drained and broken and totally in luff with Bucky. (although I can't get past that stupid name ...) Bucky? Really, Bucky. Doesn't strike terror into my heart, I don't know about you.

But he does make me super!sad. And so I share the pain with you.

'Til the end of the line.'
by Snow
500 words
no warnings/movieverse
for prompt #431 ~ Broken Promise at slashthedrabble
Takes place immediately following Captain America - Winter Soldier

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And now I want to write more Bucky ... *flails* ... tabaqui!!@! All your fault!!

and i have no bucky icons wth, man. wth.
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I want to thank everyone that replied to my last post! (i.e. the job dilemma issue)

I really did appreciate your thoughts and opinions, so very much. I made my decision this weekend and am staying with Job #1. Little bit less pay, but lots more benefits. not just the porn. :) really, it's not *all* about the porn.

Today was my Monday and I came home from work feeling *so* good. I like what I do, it's not hard, I don't sweat, my back doesn't hurt. Yes, there are members that call and are upset - but it is my job to make them happy! How could that go wrong? especially when we are given great leverage to do so! And my daughter is not unhappy that I'm there, which - although not a deal breaker - does make me smile. I like knowing that she's downstairs, I like knowing that she's so very admired by everyone around her and I like being referred to as 'Lori's mom'. All good, in my book.

After working so hard, for so long ... I'm not disappointed to come home and still feel good. Still feel like cooking dinner or playing with my dogs. I almost feel like after all this time, I kind of deserve a job like this ... I don't know if that's true or not, but I'm going with it.

So thank you! Thank you for listening to me and thank you for helping me with that decision. I did send Job #2 a nice, hopefully professional email thanking them for their offer and they emailed me back saying that they were disappointed with my decision, but to keep them in mind for any other (hopefully never) career changes. That was good, right?

Now that I've got my own cubicle ... I just need to decorate it.

Too soon to bring in the fandom pics?

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drabble and stuff

So for the first time evah - i have participated in one of those anonymous fic memes. The spn_masquerade porn thing. Commenting anonymously is a pain in the ASS.

It was fun! i really like my fic, i'll post it after i get back from Vegas next weekend.

Yes! i'm going to Vegas! No, i'm not going to the SPN convention!

heh. My son (MY BABYOMG!!!) is eloping with his long time girlfriend and paid for my ticket so i can be there when they tie the knot. It's gonna be fast and furious, really. (for me) I'm flying in sat night - the wedding is sunday evening and i'm flying out at 1 am on monday morning.

i will be looking *everywhere* for anyone wearing any spn swag just to say HIHI! though. I'm just really so happy that my son invited me. My oldest got married (eloped) a year ago in Hawaii and i really can't even look at the pictures without crying. i would've given anything to be there with her. So this will be very, very nice.

also while Jeff is in Manhattan (kansas, obv) having his bachelor party tonight and Emily is in KC with her bffs for her bachelorette party, i am watching my grand!dog, Riley. A Rott/Husky mix that is twice a big as either of my dogs, but just as big a baby. So all is good. it makes me laugh when Emily drops Riley off and says 'Riley! Go say hi to your Grandma!!' *dies*

i also got asked (for the first time) the other day at the checkout of a store if i wanted to use my SENIOR DISCOUNT. fuck. i need to dye my hair, right? or just suck it up and accept that i am OLD. sheesh.

i would hope that everyone is reading along with tabaqui's psycho!Jason/Christian Kane drabbles/ficlets. Dude, no one writes a better scary man than Tabi. :) Of course, to combat that- i had to write a drabble that wasn't ... so scary. :)

On Fire
by Snow
Christian Kane/Jason Behr
200 words
for slashthedrabble challenge - Texts from Last Night
i was getting a blow-job tonight in the mens bathroom of a bar and the bouncer comes in and says "bro i don't mean to cock block but you cant do that here."

for tabaqui

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hope everyone is having a great sat night.

Christian ~ Snow

Fic - Covered in Broken Glass

A long time ago tabaqui wrote a Cracktrailer Fic based off of a song that I love (it's actually still my ringtone, heh) Crash by Cavo.

So began Crash 'verse.

Part 1 - Your Breath in My Hands by tabaqui Jason Behr/David Boreanaz, Christian Kane

Part 2 - Beautiful Wreck by tabaqui Jason Behr/David Boreanaz, Christian Kane

In between, she asked me to write Christian's POV and I tried. For four long years, I tried. I just could not find his voice. Until I went back and reread both fics again. Closely. Paying attention to each line - to the subtext (thank you, Supernatural). Then last week, that country boy started talking in my head and would.not.shut.up.

I would suggest reading those two first. Again, if you haven't already.

And here we go ~ after way too long ...

Covered in Broken Glass
by Snow
Part 3
Christian Kane/Jason Behr
Christian Kane/Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Christian Kane/David Boreanaz
yes, the boy does get around

Cracktrailer/Crash 'verse
mentions of past child abuse - nothing explicit
Beta'd by darkhavens, checked over by hurry_sundown and trishabooms - Thank you!!

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I need more Christian Kane icons. :)