Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

Angel/Angelus Fic

Have done two new fics.
Posted at Thank goodness for Teener.
She's a dream.

Angelus ~ Dreams of a Nun

Just a little light hearted fun with the vamp. Trying him on for size.

Moments Like This

What I had intended to write from the beginning.
I am SO not obsessed by nuns. Really.
Although the thought of living without a real person to love is somewhat compelling at the moment.
Not that I don't think that Jesus is a real person.
Really I do.
I just can't deal with this day after day thing.
Real Life SUCKS!!!

Added Kita to my friends list.

I want to write like Kita. (and Yahtzee)
I am trying slash on for size now.
No one to read this at home, so yah'll will be my test audience, okay?

I lurves well written slash.
I always wanted to be a man.
They always have all the fun.

Protruding Genitalia. Gets everything/everyone. . .

Hmmmmm, that sounds like a good title for a new story. . .

Protruding Genitalia

Would you read it?
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