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Note To Self. . .

Do not spend 20 hours on your day off immersed in the cracktrailerverse.

Do. Not.

Dude. I went to bed last night exhausted. Had been drinking coffee all afternoon. Writing and Thinking and Breathing and Eating Crack!Verse.

And I had the *strangest* dreams. When I actually slept.

Then I woke up with the most evil plot bunny ever. I beleive I cried in the shower.

Bunny From Hell.

It's been with me all day, like a black cloud.

~ ~ ~

But! On the other hand! I'm filled with the warmest of fuzzies! I *love* the crack!verse! I love Dave and Jimmy and Dep. Sheriff Kane and Viggo (never, ever have I said that!).

And I love reading everyone's ideas and character analysis and stories! It's just so very inspiring and creative.

And stir_of_echoes and my somewhat schmoopy, but all the way to fuckin' hot RPS has been sent to the beta!

So Yay! Express Train! With luxury seats and champagne!

::hugs you all::
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