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What a nice ~

Two days off that this has been!

I saw Hugh getting a blowjob ~ the look on his face is worth a thousand viewings of John Travolta's bad!hair bad!face bad!acting. Has anyone else had the thought that Dave would have been a much better Gabriel? Hmmmmm? Just think about it. Hard.


I finished my AngelFicaThon story. Only my second three ~ way and I think much better than the first. *waits patiently for the beta*

I got some sun. Chatted with some friends. Drank margaritas and laughed at the bar!sluts. I'm telling you. . .some people will never know the difference between sexy and slutty. And it's just too damn bad. But good for laughs. *is ashamed, sort of*


I read some damn hot RPS from my sekrit lover tesla321! And I sent her a CD of all the Angel Vids I have collected. Gotta share the obsession, ummm, love.


I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow. I don't wanna. I cannot wait for July. Can we say vacation? My, yes. We sure as hell can.

::hugs you all tightly::

Have a wonderful weekend!
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