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Oh. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. . . .

That today is over. That *perhaps* I won't have to go in tomorrow. . .still waiting to find out about that one.

I get up this morning and find a message on my phone. Never a good thing. Because most messages found at 3:30am are from people calling me at 10:00pm, when they KNOW I'm asleep, to say. . .oh. Yeah. I'm not coming in tomorrow because yadda yadda yadda. . . .

And so it was.

I start calling my other employees, wincing as I do. I hate calling people on their days off. Because I know they love a day off as much as I do. But. . .lo, and behold. No one call me back. Ever.

So, yes. Today I opened the bakery and fried the donuts all by myself. I was alone until 10:00am.

At one point, later in the day, the store asst. manager came over to help me and remarked on how calm and happy and smiley I was, even though this was just NOT a very good situation. I shrugged and said that I had done everything I could do to find help, but that no one called me back. I had no control over anything, so why spend the day bitching and whining and complaining. Would it have changed anything? Nope. So I decided to just tread water with a smile on my face and do what I could. She told me that I was doing a great job. Aaawwwww. . .::hugs her:: Did I tell you that I found out she is also a HUGE Hugh/Wolvie fan? She told me she even named her son Logan. . .

But I am very, very glad to be home. Sitting down. Reading your journals and drabbles and stories. Thank you. . .

::hugs you all::

Although it would be just super nice to have a Smile Of the Day go up at david_b_daily. . .just a little something to inspire stuff. Anybody have anything they'd like to share?

*kisses you*
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