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Is It Better To Have A Lover. . .

Question of the day. . .

Just finished watching 'Master and Commander'.


Russell. Gotta love him. Wanna love him. The one over~the~top lust I've had that I've never written. . .

On to the question . . .

as I was watching the movie, I saw him writing a letter to, presumably, his wife. . . and thought of how long he'd been at and would continue being at sea. Considering his career.

So, would it be better to have a lover that wasn't around 90% of the time, but when he/she was, would be there 150%? With mindblowing sex, conversation, attention. . . Or would it be better to have a lover that is always available, but not always there.

If you know what I mean.

What's your opinion?
Have a story?

Curious minds want to know. . .

And Sunday ::hugs:: go out to everyone that has joined david_b_daily!!
Come on. I need a fix.
It's like heroin.
Only better.

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