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Been feeling a little out of sorts. Left of center. Not the norm. Just. . .odd.

Not ignoring anyone. Still reading flist everyday. Just. Not. Communicating.

Love the new RPS.
Love ALL the little ficlets and stories and goodies I see.
*glomps* the update at Slashing The Angel. And so should you.

Just not feeling right. And I don't have any specific reason to give.

So. There.


To swmbo for her consistently cheery/crazy/delirious posts.
To wisteria_ for finding her kitty.
To lady_t_220 for traveling to Canada.
To whimsicalnotion for being so incredible and fantastic and just. . .Buddy.
To vampirefever for her AU Spike/Xander sexiness.
To knotted_rose for her SugarVerse that makes me crazy.
To glossing for. . .new Oz/Angel????? Hmmmmmm????
To kita0610 for stalking, um, admiring, um, loving, um, sexual, um, yeah. . . Friendly purposes.
To cheapthoughts for working for the same company as I do!!
To kansasman for going on blind dates.
To luvsphoenix for her new diet and working out!! Go you!!
To sockkpuppett for her thoughtful and thought-inspiring posts.
To entrenous88 for her DB Appreciation Month. Mmmmmm. DB Appreciation should be a weekly/daily/hourly thing.
To chrisleeoctaves for being the most patient, perceptive and best beta ever. And for writing some of the best B/A Yumminess around.
To colliewolf for her new job!

And to everyone else . . .


Just kidding.

::Smoochies you all::

Thanks for making the last few days bearable. Just by reading your thoughts/stories/complaints/rants/hopes/dreams/jokes.
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