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Daylight Saving Time Sucks.

Just wanted to get that out there.

Also. . .Actual Conversation With Customer. . .

Minor Preface~we box up all the donuts that are left at about 5pm into mixed dozens for 2.99. If any boxed are left in the am, I coupon them down to 1.99.

Customer ~ "Are these donuts from today?"

Me ~ "Yes."

Customer ~ "But I was in here yesterday and some person told me that they were from the previous day. And they were 1.99. Not 2.99."

Me ~ "These are from today. I just boxed them up from the case. If they are still here in the morning I will make them 1.99."

Customer ~ "So was that person lying to me then?"

Me ~ "No. The ones you were looking at yesterday might have been from the previous day."

Customer ~ "So, are these from today?"

Me ~ "Yes."

Customer ~ "So why are they 2.99, not 1.99 like the ones I saw yesterday?"

Me ~ Sigh

Does anyone wonder why I do drugs/alcohol/read slash/darkfic/want to be a vampire/mutant so i can gameface/snikt in front of collected groups of morons???

Oh. And Daylight Savings Time Sucks.

::hugs to all::

ETA: Hugh Jackman is on Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards right now. And does he ever look good! Mmmmmmm. Hughy goodness.

*wipes drool from chin*
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