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Icon Maker Appreciation Day


To all the wonderful icon makers out there.

*hugs and kisses*

I have only taken a couple from a few.

_green_ and poisoninjest's Pretty Pieces of Paper.

But I do love looking and drooling and giggling at all the wonderful, creative ideas.


Although I still can't figure out how to make an Absolut Angel Icon. . .perhaps someday I will.

And Yay! Hump day is almost over. A quick half day tomorrow, then off work 'til Sat evening. Maybe I'll get some writing done.

*Please God. Help me get some writing done*

ETA: Oops. PPP is poisoninjest's site, not kita0610's. Apologies all around. I'd just file that under my kita0610stalking obsession. . .I think ALL good things that deal with Angel *must* come from her.
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