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Spending the day writing.

And kind of half~assedly house cleaning. I've kind of taken up the notion that unless we, meaning my kids and I are all home, the house does not need to be cleaned. By one person.
I find myself picking up all the stuff they leave sitting around and getting pissed off. So I don't.
It's much easier for me to tell them to do it when they are home. Although the older they get, the less they are all home. So.
It's a mad, mad circle. And I have never been a super house cleaner type person. Ever. I've always admired those people. Like my mother. Whose house doesn't even look lived in. Ever.

It's like a model home. And she redecorates constantly. Every time I go home there is a new theme. I just didn't inherit that gene. I've owned my home for about 5 years.
*I think. Like I can remember when I bought my house? I'm lucky if I can remember last week.*
And I have not yet repainted anything inside. The downstairs bathroom has been in the process of being redone for about 6 months. We got every tile torn off the walls. And that's about as far as it's gone. Very, very sad.

But I am excited about this new story I've started on. knotted_rose came up with a wonderful idea for me to let my two favorite boys play together. Angel and Logan. Without it being silly. And I'm so very happy! She's fantastic!
I was truly blessed when lady_t_220 pointed me to her lj and helped me start my own. And answered a million and one questions with a patience I could only aspire to.
I've found such an incredible bunch of clever, friendly, creative people!!

swiped from lady_t_220

If your world could only have one of each, which would it be:

Sight or Sound ---- Sound. As much as I love to see, I need music and laughter and talking and, hey, then maybe I wouldn't be so easily distracted by men!
Peanut or Crunchy M&Ms ---- Peanut. It's all about the nuts, dude.
Stories or Music ---- That's the hardest. To me music is stories and well written stories are music. But, if you make me, I guess Stories. I couldn't live without music. At least with music, I could make up stories to go along with it. . .or is that cheating?
London or New York ---- London. Don't know why.
Colour or Taste (flavour) ---- Taste. I'm in love with black and white photography anyways. Everything looks so much better. But I couldn't live without taste.
Eternal Youth or Mortal Happiness ---- Eternal Youth. I know, this is probably not a popular answer, but I'm living the mortal happiness thing. And there is a lot of it that is *not* happy. And I know we all die. So given a choice? I'll take living forever. Probably the hidden socioligist inside of me. Wanting to watch how time changes everything.
Classical or Modern Art ---- Classical.
CSI or Sex in the City ---- CSI. Never been a big fan of Sex in the City. Those girls did not live in my world. They wouldn't have made it through a day.
Loved from afar or Liked from nearby ---- Loved from afar. Distances can be traveled and overcome. And I need my space. I know, I have issues.
Justice or Mercy ---- I'm going with LT here, Mercy with Discretion.
Flowers or Pets (dogs, cats, hamsters...) ---- Pets. But someday I only want to have one. Just one. Not the bajillion that I am surrounded with now.

Giving out . . .

*smoochies* and smiles
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