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I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Romantic Reinventing Self-Knower

I'm so going to be late with delivering my two Sweet Charity fics.


I've got one started and the other ... well ... I'm rewatching Ats to find inspiration. I know, I know, such a hardship.

I bought a Halti collar for Gabriel and I've started walking him again. He's never been a bad pulling dog, but this thing? Dude, it's like walking a very well trained dog. Makes 100% difference. Makes him totally pay attention to *me* and not whatever track his dog!brain sends him off to follow. And that would be my one and only New Year's resolution ~ to get back to walking every day. Otherwise I'm like a slug.


Next week, with enough saved pennies hopefully, I'll be off to see tabaqui and pretties_4u for my bday. It's been a year! Dude! I needs me some down time with Tabi. Movies and boy!squee and fic!talk and their new house and, and, and ... *pines* ...

We'll see.

Now, I should be back in word. Seeing what the boys are up to.


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