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Short. Short. Short.

I did it!

The hairdresser was nervous. I was nervous. The other ladies in the salon were nervous.
There was much with the nerves.

Then. . .snip. snip. snip.

Now my head is covered with some really, really short hair.

Like less than 2 inches short.

And I'm happy! I think I left enough hair on the floor for 2 people!
She kept asking me "Is this short enough?"
And I'd say "No. Shorter."

So now, I just have to dye it a nice blonde color and I'm set for all the double notch spying. . .no. . .I mean . . . income tax evading. . .no. . .ummmmm. . .character molesting ~ RPS writing/reading I'm off to do!
Yeah. That's it.
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