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Bruises ~ Chris/David

by Snow

for mirasol
Christian Kane/David Boreanaz

Set during Ats2
100 words

“Where’d you get that one?”

A callused finger over a spot of purple and blue on David’s chest.


“That one?” Chris’ eyes on one slightly swollen cheek.


“Didn’t call in the stunt man, huh?”

“No. Think I can handle getting pounded by the girls.” David smiled, inhaled the scent of the man pressed close to him in the quiet of his set trailer.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d be jealous. All those marks on you and none of them mine.” Chris growled and David gasped as a finger slipped and grips tightened.

“Then make your own, Kane.”

More drabble requests to come! Thanks for all the great prompts!

**smooches you all**

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