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I steal from only the best.


Had to do this one. Don't ask. Really. You don't want to know why.

Anonymous Replies Only.

Tell me anything. Tell me your secret, ask me a question, say the thing you've always wanted to, even if it's not to me. Probably will be a one time thing, will never ever do again because you know I hate anonymous things. But this one time ...



An actual post later, prolly. My day? I met the President of Dillons. He asked me how the baked chicken was selling and I gave him my patented WTF? And said ... I'm not really up on chicken sales. Sorry. Then Store Manager Dave pointed out that I was the BAKERY MANAGER. He toured the rest of the store. Told S.M. Dave that the Bakery and Floral looked great.

I win.

*la la la*

**gropes you**
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