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I was looking for links for the su_herald this afternoon, and I have one thing to say ...

Dear Fandom,

Please stop with the cracktastic wank and get back to writing, making icons, updating WIP fics. Please. Please. Please. And stop using words that I don't understand. Does anyone even remember why we are here?

OOoh! Look!

*dangles shiny objects in front of everyone for distraction*

Instead of, you know, wanking over something that is so far above my head I'm drowning ... show me what you *love* about your fandom. And then go write about it!! So I'm not weeping while looking for links tomorrow.


**covers everyone with kisses**

ETA ~ Does anyone know who, if anyone, Jason Behr was linked with in the press during the filming of Roswell? Not, that, you know ... I'd be writing any Behr/Boreanaz RPS in Vegas since both shows filmed there ... Thank you, Jules! *adores*
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