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2nd Day of the Year

No, this is not a trend. Just an easy headline.

Spent the entire day shopping.

I hate shopping. I hate crowds. I hate traffic.

So. . . all in all not really that bad of a day. Considering the shopping. Traffic. and Crowds.

But. . .I got Season 1 and 2 of Angel. *squeal*

An Angel calendar. *squeal some more*

Yea for me.

Spent way too much money on my kids. But they deserved it.

Daughter #1 bought tons of clothes, shoes, etc.

Daughter #2 bought an Xmen PS game. An Xmen Calendar. And was thrilled to find a NightCrawler figure. 13inch. Poseable. And she got her ears pierced again. 2 on one side, one on the other. Just like mom. What a kid.

Son #1 (and only) bought a steering wheel for his PS and the Simpsons Hit and Run. So he's happy.

They're happy.

I'm happy.

Now I'm off to watch Angel. Hmmmmm. All Mine.

*does the dance of joy*

over and over and over and over and over!
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