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Yesssss! I escaped work. Done. Finito. Out-a-there!

Well, until Saturday. But hey, that's like, light years away, right?

Now I'm going out on a movie quest. Finding something(s) good enough to keep me awake. all. night.

And I've got LT's fic to read! I started it the other night, but too many under-18 interuptions. Kinda spoiled the mood she was creating for me. And it was a GOOD mood, let me tell yah.

I heard that a movie store here in town is having a great sale on DVDs. So I'm going questing for . . .

Swordfish and Valentine and Matrix Reloaded. Hopefully I'll find one out of the three. Can't be so lucky as to get all three, can I? We'll see.
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