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August 3rd. Lisa's Birthday!

Sweet Sixteen. Ahhhh yes, I remember it well.


Okay, no. I don't. I remember it through a dense fog. Hey, it was the 80's and I was young and easy free cheaply had ... I was young, okay? *headdesk* My kids will never do anything I did. Trust me. They are SO much smarter than I am.

And! I have proof that Lori is just as demented unique as Lisa is! Lori is working in the bakery now, cake decorating and she's doing a wonderful job. But ... she got to make her sister's cake today and THIS is what she made ...

Image hosted by

Did you see that? Lori even drew a little Lisa standing on the edge of the cake, laughing at the people on fire. And this is a Sweet Sixteen cake?

Lisa loved it.

*adores my children*

**beams with pride**

*kisses you with sugared lips*
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