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Merry Merry Happy Happy

Well, I hope that everyone that celebrates it, had a wonderful day and got everything they wanted!

I went with my kids to my sweeties parent's home in Topeka. It was nice. His like, whole, entire, huge,family was there.

Some of whom I actually get along with. . .(long story)

We ate a late brunch, watched movies, opened presents. . .I caught the end of an old Buffy show. . .no Angel, but then you can't have everything, then we ate some more, opened more presents and I drove home. . .whew!

As for the presents . . .

My sister has found out that I collect salt and pepper shakers, taken that info and run with it. She sent me 4 diff sets of s&p shakers! My neice has discovered my obsession with Wolverine and sent me a Wolvie lunch box (!) and a 13 inch *poseable* Wolvie toy!! I haven't gotten a TOY for Christmas for, like, ever!!

My hun-buns gave me two books. One a collection of short horror stories and S.King's 5th book in the Gunslinger series!! I didn't even know it was out yet! Whoo-Hoo!! And he said he has more, but didn't want to give them to me yet. . .what a teaser!

And a really nice gift cert. to an electronics store from my Mom. . .hmmmmm, what will I buy? Perhaps some cool program? Or the first season of Angel? DUH!!

I hope that everyone had a really nice day and is happy, content and at peace with themselves and the world.

*Love, Hugs and Kisses*

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