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Things to remember ...

Okay, so I happened to mention the USP here in Leavenworth and the fact that it was Christian Kane's Birthday and RPS ... all in the same post yesterday.

And before midnight?

I had two!!@!!@ CK/DB/Jail/Birthday stories to read!

*dances wildly and possibly without clothing*

felisblanco wrote Jailbirds. A wonderful PWP of Chris and David meeting in a jail cell after breaking the law. And teh sex! *melts*


killerweasel wrote the first part of Birthday Treat. Where Chris and Dave get thrown in jail together ... for a brawling in a bar on Chris's birthday. Can't wait to see where this one takes us.

Hmmmm ... I wonder what I can mention in a post today that might inspire such riches as yesterday?

Behr/Crowe? Boreanaz/Kartheiser? Jackman/Kane? although we've already paired Kane with Crowe, if we put him with Hugh, it'll seem like he has a fetish for Australians ... So, how about Jackman/Kartheiser, Kane/Behr and Crowe/Boreanaz ... *dies*

I should go write my own. Really. I should.

**loves my flist long and hard**
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