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Porn vs. Erotica

Been having a discussion, or rather reading a posting discussion thread about what makes porn different from erotica? And vice/versa.

I had to throw in my thoughts.

I think that porn is hard driven, physical. . .etc. sex.
Words like cock, prick, cunt, twat, pussy, even penis. Asshole, tits, cum, juices. . .always make me think 'porn'.
And that's okay! I like porn!
I think that erotica is sensual/intellectual. Just as graphic, but couched in softer terms. More prose, less pussy. Lushly written, descriptive emotional feelings.

How does he/she taste?
What does his/her skin feel like?

I do think that porn is harder to write well. I think it's too easy to get carried away with pronouns and loose the audience. You want to convey a sense of hot, sweaty fucking. Not just use slang/curse words.

I think erotica is easier to write. Describing emotions, senses, smooth actions . . .

And I think that they can both be incredibly sexy.

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